Recruitment Consultant - IT Sales

Divy Associates

Earn 2X - 3X the industry average to IT Recruitment Consultants.

  • Stop getting underpaid. Start earning the lions share.
  • Escape office politics and boring, pointless meetings.
  • Work from home. Choose your own hours and create your own work-life balance.
Earn 2X - 3X the industry average to IT Recruitment Consultants.
What if there was a way you could be earning $1m+ (uncapped commissions) while at home in your comfortable clothes or at your favourite place.
Stop getting underpaid and underappreciated. Stop leaving money on the table.
Start earning the lions share and gaining all the benefits of running your own business, without the headaches, stress or risk.
We handle all the parts that suck, while you get to enjoy doing what you love and what you are great at.
If you love building relationships with your contacts, making new connections and leveraging your years of experience, this opportunity could be your perfect match.
No territory restrictions means that you have unlimited opportunities.
Are you sick and tired of not earning your true worth and not being rewarded or your efforts?
Would you like to make more money and work less?
Imagine having the freedom to choose your own hours and where you work from.
Escape office politics and boring, pointless meetings.
Say goodbye to wasted hours trapped in traffic or worse, stuck in public transport surrounded by sweety strangers coughing and sneezing on a long trip home after a long day.
Isn’t it time you got the recognition you deserve and the lifestyle income to match?
Join our winning culture and take advantage of the Divy support team today.
If more money, more freedom and a better lifestyle is what you want, apply now.
PS: don’t apply if you’re an internal recruiter, we are looking for top gun salespeople. This is a commission only role for those that want to earn their true worth.