Data Scientist

Blake Dair Consulting Pte Ltd

In this role you will be developing machine learning models, data science products and derived metrics for the impact analysis platforms.

  • Competitive salary package
  • Globally recognized organization for environmental sustainability
  • Be part of highly technical and growing team
  • Gathering and analyzing data across a broad spectrum of industry categories and organizations
  • Generating insights based on data collected and analyzed
  • Building heuristics and models that allow us to optimize the data collection and data processing
  • Understanding and communicating data handling requirements for the purpose of product development
  • Communicating results with key stakeholders across internal business units and external clients
  • 3-5 years’ experience as a Data Scientist building machine learning models and analyzing data
  • Bachelor’s degree or better in a quantitative field (computer science, engineering, mathematics, statistics, economics, etc.)
  • Excellent experience with a modern data science programming toolset (Python, Jupyter or similar notebook environment, PyTorch/Tensorflow or similar machine learning framework)
  • Excellent data intuition and analytical skills (understanding and identifying sources of bias, able to derive insight from unstructured data)
  • Good understanding of modern machine learning algorithms (tree models, SVM, deep learning)
  • Good experience with feature engineering
  • Good relational database experience (MySQL or similar)
  • Some experience developing software services for machine learning models, especially REST APIs (FastAPI or Flask preferred)
  • Familiarity with and experience using Git or similar code versioning software
  • Eagerness to learn new technologies and follow industry best practices in an ever-evolving field
  • Able to communicate complex data science concepts to non-technical audiences
Good to have
  • Data warehouse or data lake experience
  • Docker/Kubernetes or similar containerization experience
  • Masters degree in a quantitative (computer science, engineering, etc.) field
  • Experience deploying and updating machine learning models to a production environment
  • Experience utilizing state of the art machine learning methods for natural language processing, clustering, etc.