Embedded Linux Engineer (Electronics)


Did you get into development to make the next newest and coolest application that makes people go "WOW" ? Good, read on...

  • High tech, innovative startup
  • World class design and development
  • CBD based, immediate start
It is the New Year, you are an embedded software engineer and have been in your role for a few years, the company is doing ok given the COVID situations but you wonder if there could be other places out there that is doing better, is there a company out there with a better team/environment?

Do you want to work with the latest software and hardware (IE this company is already working with the latest Xilinx development board which will be released to the market in a few weeks) tools?

They are are constantly in the spotlight with employees getting nominated as young achievers, contracts awarded globally and innovative design awards.

You will be working with cutting edge technologies, you will have autonomy and really own the product development lifecycle from beginning to end.

This company has had 100-300% revenue growth every year for the last 3 years and you will be in an environment where you will be wearing multiple hats, soaking up as much information as possible, time flies as you have fun working.

Whats on offer?
  • Ownership of the product, you will be able to see how your contribution changes the product
  • Passionate, innovative team atmosphere
  • A leader who loves people and believes in attracting the best talent
  • Generous remuneration for the right person
What are they looking for?
  • Exceptional computer science/electronics degree (or relevant degree) for your awesome programming skills
  • Well balanced personality with great communication skills, with a strong project/goal focus
  • A LOVE of technology, a creative mind 
  • Excellent C/C++ development skills, you have worked in different RTOS environments writing firmware
  • Commercial experience developing within a Linux environment
  • You have worked with different brands of boards and you can bring them up from scratch
  • Experience with bootloaders, device drivers, uBoots, kernel development
Please apply directly, add me on linkedIn or call Michael on 9957 1022