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Lead Service Designer, HCD focus. Growing business, help change the world, save the planet. Love technology, sustainability and travel? Apply NOW!

  • You LOVE: Technology, Sustainability & Global Travel
  • Influence strategy & build teams (using IoT, data science, digital platforms)
  • Sydney base, $175k-$140k +(20-30% bonus + share options)
Global warming, wildlife and habitat loss are accelerating and the natural resources which feed, clothe and house us are all under pressure. Driven by the production of a small number of commodities such as seafood, beef, sugar, paper and cotton, these commodities’ supply chains are controlled by less than 500 companies. Many products involve modern slavery and human rights abuses and many are produced in developing markets by the world’s poorest people. You can help change it and make a difference!
The Company
As a fully funded start up visioned by world leading consulting and environmental organisations, this company is poised to drive increased responsibility in global food and commodity production and consumption through supply chain traceability and transparency in technology.
Using Blockchain, IoT, Data Science and Digital Communication platforms, our client aims to provide unprecedented transparency of supply chains, and in turn responsible consumption by enabling businesses to verify claims about sustainable and ethical production, trace products through the supply chain and share information with consumers in ways that will make a difference.
Your Values
We’re looking for people that share this vision and want to make a huge impact on the planet. Building a solution like this is not a simple task - we’re looking for people that embrace challenges, are comfortable with uncertainty and will go the extra mile to help achieve this mission.  A genuine desire for a more sustainable human impact on the environment is a must.
About your New Role
As a Lead Service Designer, you’ll work closely with Senior Service Designers and Senior Implementation Engineers to ensure a seamless user experience of the solution. The goal is to ensure the solution is fit-for-purpose for the users and stakeholders by minimising disruption to core workflows whilst ensuring the correct data is captured.
This opportunity will see you working hands on with cutting edge technology in the office and in the field. You’ll be based in Sydney, with approximately 1/3 of time spent on international travel.
Selection criteria
You should have:
  • Minimum of 5-6 years relevant Human Centred Design experience
  • Demonstrated people management and team building expertise
  • Experience across both corporate and start-up environments in service/solution delivery
In particular you’ll have responsibility for:
  • Ethnographic research & internal stakeholder interviews:
Define existing workflows, processes, interactions, systems, data captured in order to create a full understanding of a supply chain
  • Synthesising customer feedback into customer storyboards and supply chain maps:
Create concepts to help visualise and prioritise possible implementation solutions
  • Effective stakeholder management:
Experience in leveraging customer and business insights to influence decision making
  • You’ll be able to undertake international travel:
Global travel about 1/3 of the time and sometimes at short notice
Why Join
Mark a Real Difference tackling humanity’s big challenges saving the planet. End slavery & promote opportunity for world’s poorest, most vulnerable. Work on Technology with IoT, blockchain, data science and machine learning. Make world-class products that solve complex, real-world challenges.
Join an Amazing Team and Network. Join a talented, passionate, team united behind a big vision! Work alongside an incredible wider team from well known global organisations. Becoming a life-member of an unparalleled network of leaders and alumni.
Diversity & Inclusion. We value diversity and inclusion, that the best ideas emerge when people with different perspectives and approaches work together on a problem. Bring your authentic self to work, sharing your most creative (and sometimes crazy!) ideas. The team has included people from 15 ethnic backgrounds.
Sustainable & Flexible Work. We believe in sustainable approaches to work that support work/life balance. Have rich and flourishing lives with their friends, family and communities beyond the workplace. We support flexible working arrangements including hours and locations.
Remuneration package:
$140k - $175k + up to 20-30% bonus + employee share options
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How to Apply
We are recruiting right NOW. If this is the right role for you, please apply now, or call Neil for a confidential chat on 0410 313 840. To apply, please email your resume along with cover letter addressing the selection criteria. Applications close Friday 20th September, 2019.
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