Healthcare Australia

HCA Darwin are in need of RN's who are available for weekly Covid screening/swabbing of mine site staff flying from Darwin - Groote Eyelandt

  • Agency rates
  • Set weekly shifts
  • December start
The purpose of this role/shift:
  • Is to screen all passengers and crew who are flying to Groote Eyelandt
  • Reduce the Risk of COVID-19 getting into our remote & already medically vulnerable community
  • Maintain Separation and medical Clearance for Miners to work at the Groote Mine site
Screening Process 
  • Temperature checking & Questioning all passengers including Flight crew
  • Exploring any medical issues based on the questions and responses (Differentiate b/w smokers cough, allergies, asthma etc vs Flu Like Symptoms)
  • You must provide all cleared staff w a ticket/sticker which then allows them to check in w Alliance Airlines
  • You must also go to the boarding gate once all passengers have checked in and visually confirm all passengers have been cleared and no one has slipped thru the cracks.
  • You will be provided w a Manifest upon arrival from the Airlines and are also guided by the GEMCO reps on site.
  • Any passengers you refuse medical clearance and can not fly must have the attached sheet completed and signed by the passenger.  This is then provided to the GEMCO rep
  • Staff inducting the Antigen testing will be required to wear full PPE including Mask, Iso gowns and change of gloves in between each test conducted.  
  • The CEC and most state health authorities are not requiring changing the swabbers gowns, just the gloves between clients, unless contaminated.
  • As Swabbing is not considered APG unless you are standing in front of the client when performing the swab and they cough.
  • To swab you will need to be able to don and doff appropriately without contamination.  
Other information:   
  • Minimum 4 hour pay regardless of the fact that it is likely you will only be reqd for 2-3 hours.
  • Arrive 15 min before check in opens to set up in First Aid Room at Darwin Airport
  • You will have a GEMCO support person on site for these shifts + an experienced RN who will be commencing 45min prior to your start and will assist you with the processes whilst screening her flight

If this role interests you or you would like more information email or call 08 8943 1555