Senior iOS Engineer | Impact real customers | $800-1000 Daily


Not just another contract! A long term gig with a long term product roadmap. Work in a cross functional team of seniors driven by quality practices

  • Customer centric organisation
  • Long Term Product Roadmap
  • Own, influence and uplift others
A company with....
transparency. A company where everyone's on the same page and working towards the same mission, vision and product roadmap. A company that cares about their customers and prides themselves on being heavy customer centric. 

You're not just a code wizard and advocate of code quality but.....
you thrive in a an environment where you can use your knowledge and expertise to influence and uplift others around you. You want to have a voice on new features and you want to have an impact real customers. 

Within a cross functional quad of smart experts you will....
work cohesively towards the same goal, which is essentially a long roadmap of feature development on a high profile, enterprise application.

Following engineering best practices you....
will constantly be looking at process improvements and be involved in driving and initiating brown bag learning and development sessions in a collaborative manner. 

What's in it for you?
  • This is not just a "contract gig", have a voice, ownership and influence
  • Collaborate with other intelligent individuals who are experts
  • Work for an organisation with a family focus. Work with colleagues and a manager who understands work life balance
  • Work on a high profile application used by millions of customers, you may even be a customer yourself!
Multiple contract roles available so apply now to be considered for the interview shortlist or contact