SCADA Engineer

PIA IT Recruiting & Consulting

SCADA analyst/engineer bridge real-time tech processes & control outcomes driving the customer experience and advancing business knowledge

  • Fast moving energy control services
  • Knowledgeable SCADA Analyst bridging real-time and business
  • GE PowerOn Fusion expertise
SCADA Analyst/Engineer to establish and maintain Energy Management Systems and control data acquisition for a major power organisation in Melbourne. This role is to be the bridge between real time technical process controls and the utilisation of continuous improvement methods for progressive end User Experience for the constant advancement of business knowledge.
Candidates will need to offer the capacity to align the technical operational SCADA energy management systems to business technology solutions so that the capacity of end user Customer Management processes are immediate and accurately delivered on a 24x7 basis. This is a vitally important role with processes designed to ensure availability, reliability, integrity and usability of current and new applications and systems under development.
Expertise and Skills Requirements
  • At least 5 years of experience in the development, programming, analysis, and support of SCADA systems
  • Project support and delivery experience in the SCADA domain within the Energy or Utility environments
  • Familiarity with the GE PowerOn Fusion the advanced switching, application provisioning and distribution solution
  • Knowledgeable of system integration QA, validation and/or User Acceptance processes
  • Capacity to work co-operatively and closely with both the operational and business technology groups
  • Ability to embrace emerging technologies in establishing better customer utilisation and improved customer outcomes
  • Ability to build relationships with both IT and non-IT Personnel
  • A capable communicator with business standard written and spoken English