Quick poll - pants or no pants?

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Challenge the norms, strive to be different and most certainly keep an open mind !! A snippet of what you should bring to the table | Game? Read on!

  • Structured company training & on the job training from the Founder himself !
  • Become a world class sourcer / recruiter adopting process excellence
  • We aim to mix things up ... prepare yourself for a new perspective
Let’s be honest, the best thing about being stuck at home during COVID is never having to put pants on.

And while we’re on the topic of COVID (sorry), you’re looking for a role as a recruiter as the Australian unemployment rate jumps from 5% to 10%... you do know what that means, right? Companies are deciding who to let go as opposed to who to hire, it’s a dog eat dog world out there right now.

But you, you thrive in times like these.

You get a rush out of tackling problems, and masterfully orchestrating plans that get outcomes.

Being a people’s person helps, you know how to turn critics into clients, partners, even friends. And you do it with your pants on (please, please keep your pants on).

But even though you are so damn great at what you do, you know you can always do better, be better. That’s probably why outside of work you’ve always got your head in a book, course or learning some new skill.

And by gosh if that’s not enough, you know that the best results come from working with your team, and you’re always willing to lend a hand when it’s needed.

Word on the street is there’s a company out there that’s looking for a person like you.

A company that has problems that need owning and solving. Problems like a new Value Proposition and Business Strategy while we change our business model, for example.

A company that knows the value in partnerships with clients, candidates and their very own consulting team alike. So much so they’ve developed their unique delivery methodology into software to better manage these relationships.

A company that encourages and invests in learning, they’ll even pay you to read books and attend courses.

A company that doesn’t pretend to care about you by sending cake on your birthday and forgetting about you again (they do send cake though). They’re a down to earth bunch.

Oh, and one that doesn’t require you to wear pants.

Want to know more about this no pants policy? Dial 0400 000 000 and lets’ chat, one pant-less person to another.  

Contact *Mark mcaswell@3xpartners.com