C# / SQL Integration Developer (back-end) | Financial Markets | CBD | $140K

3X Partners

Keen to start a new role with a reputable Financial Markets firm? We're here to keep it real. Here's 5 things a back end C# Developer is not...

  • Stable environment. Steady flow of projects in banking / wealth
  • Great exposure to mission critical trading systems & financial instruments
  • Older tech. Yes that's a selling point, you'll help do the migration / upgrade
This stable, FS firm will keep you very busy and challenged.

Opportunity to get exposed to *Financial Markets Systems and Trading systems. *this is NOT a 'Front Office' dev role.
5 things a back end C# Developer is NOT:
You get sold all kinds in IT.

Whether it's recruiters ringing you with "Hey check out this job, it's SUPER different than the last 500 you've seen".

Or "So hey we've got an idea for the next Google. Will you do some coding for us for the next year. For free. Until we get funding?"

We're here to keep it real. Here's five things a back end C# Developer is not:

1. A ninja, a guru, a wizard, a rockstar or a presenter on Masterchef. You're a C# Developer. A person, that's enough.
2. A full stack developer. Building UI's. Playing around with Jscript libraries. 
3. An unbelievable opportunity. The only unbelievable opportunities are, literally, unbelievable. Because they're not true.
4. Life changing. Okay, so, in the way that technically anything, like eating a biscuit, is life changing, they're life changing. But you're not going to start living like royalty or playing for the Wallabies because you took a new job.

5. A startup backed by a powerful VC pummelling squillions of dollars into a product about to replace humans with robots. 

All on board? Good. Stay with me. 

Time for some honesty.

Here are 5 things this back end C# Developer role is:

1. $140k Pkg + bonus, (dependent on your performance of course). Some ''flex'' for the right person.

2. Working in a supportive/open environment, with a large dev team, all of whom are experienced - oh and super competent tech lead & supportive Head of Dev ;-)

3. Your happy>ok doing ''feature dev & enhancements'' with C#/T-SQL legacy systems & willing to learn new tech / techniques be that Java / Vendor systems eg Calypso, TDD, BDD etc.

4. Involved in lots of integration, migration & upgrade projects for mission critical trading, clearing & ops systems that run 24 X5.5.

5. Gaining broad experience across financial instruments such as OTC products, future, options, interest rates etc. 

Funnily enough, there's an opportunity just like that. 

We can't fit all the details in an ad, but we know there's more you'll want to know. 

All you need to do is give us a call, and we'll tell you the rest.
Call 02 8046 4883 and ask for Chante 
Or, if it's easier, email your CV to me, chamman@3xpartners.com.com and I'll get in touch.