C++ &/or C# Developer (Jnr) | Financial Trading

3X Partners

Great opp for a SW Engineer with exp in C++ (C# a bonus) to join a wonderful / friendly financial trading firm. Learning opps in Python & biz domain!

  • Stable & relaxed environment | No Egos | Collaborative & Respectful
  • Focused organisation with clear a tech road map
  • Absolute ''knock-out'' culture - superb human beings, humble/ intelligent
This stable, FS trading firm will keep you very busy and challenged.

But let's cover off a few key points like most ad's do but in our own little way.

5 things a C++ / C# Developer is NOT:
You get sold all kinds in IT.

Whether it's recruiters ringing you with "Hey check out this job, it's SUPER different than the last 500 you've seen".

Or "So hey we've got an idea for the next Google. Will you do some coding for us for the next year. For free. Until we get funding?"

We're here to keep it real. Here's five things a C++ / C# Developer is not:

1. A ninja, a guru, a wizard, a rockstar or a presenter on Masterchef. You're a C++ / C# Developer. A person, that's enough.
2. A pure FED  (front end developer), a coder, building UI's nor a network engineer. 
3. An unbelievable opportunity. The only unbelievable opportunities are, literally, unbelievable. Because they're not true.
4. Life changing. Okay, so, in the way that technically anything, like eating a biscuit, is life changing, they're life changing. But you're not going to start living like royalty or playing at rock concerts because you took a new job.

5. A startup backed by a powerful VC pummeling squillions of dollars into a product about to replace humans with robots. 

All on board? Good. Stay with me. 

Time for some honesty (we're big on this). Here are 5 things this C++ / C# Developer role is:

1. A perm role, paying aprx $100k (ish) + super and some 'bonus' action.

2. Working in a tight knit, highly experienced team. Total team of approximately 30+, 10 Devs. Just quietly, your new team leader knows his 'onions' and has respect of all. 'down to earth, likeable, sharp as a tack, well respected''.

3. Execute dev tasks from the TL / senior devs in the team - focusing on position, risk, & other trading services (C++), DMA, Trader UI's & Back office sys dev (C#), Risk and Finance reconciliations & some web dev (Python)

4. Controlled growth (stable), global trading biz is going nowhere. A plethora of projects that'll keep you super busy, lots to learn, stretch yourself! 

5. Manly location. Close to public transport. Pubs, Cafes, Yoga/Pilate studios, the Beach!. If that's close to home, save yourself an hour or two a day and see your kids more. Or your pets, or the gym. 
Funnily enough, there's an opportunity just like that. 

But look, I can't fit everything in a job ad but we know there's more you'll want to know. Ping me & I'll send you the JD and tell you more about the co, the people, challenges etc. 

So get in touch! Feeling brave? Record a 90 second video cover letter so we can meet you ;-) 

Otherwise call me (Ramona): (+61) 2 9158 3893
Feeling less chatty? email me rjardin@3xpartners.com