Venue Manager - Dangerously fun! Amazing work/life balance $65K

The Talent Kitchen

Hectic role in a not so typical venue. Sundays/Mondays off, parking and no late hours! Get off your tiring routine and start getting some fun again!

This venue is not your typical one, a heaven for the thrill-seekers and the daredevils, this is not your come in sit down and have a drink kind of place. Here, the customer is part of the action, everyone comes for a different reason, unleash the stress of the week, show off their warrior’s skills or just have banter with some mates while drinking local beers and listening to some tunes!
The role involves dealing with a lot of events, mainly corporates. You will be responsible for the day to day running of the venue, ordering, rostering, training but also creating all sorts of themes and promotions to keep the buzz around this venue going. There aren’t many like this in Australia and you will be proud to be part of a unique, exhilarating company with a fantastic culture.
Experience in events and entertainment is paramount to be able to thrive in this environment. Previous experience in a medium-size venue will be welcomed, along with experience managing, training and guiding people!

If danger is your middle name and you love the action but still enjoy having Sunday/Monday off then don’t miss this opportunity and APPLY NOW!