Senior Software Engineer

Talent Army

This is a full-time, backend systems engineering position.

  • Remote Work
  • Experience using Python, GO and Postgres
  • MUST be a quick learner
Position purpose

Their systems ingest and analyse very large (geospatial) data sets which are then served to client applications.

They're developing software to help monitor and protect the maritime domain by turning multiple sources of large and complex data into intuitive and insightful tools for analysts. Our software helps nations address issues such as illegal fishing, biosecurity risks, and potential COVID-19 cases introduced via vessels.

They're also working to monitor the health of lakes via satellite data. They're investigating the development of software to support this new area of research.

This engineering role will play an important part in developing these products, and in our future work.
Position scope

This is a full-time, backend systems engineering position. You will have the opportunity to work remotely with flexible work hours, provided you are able to deliver on your primary accountabilities, and attend meetings within regular working hours, as needed.

They do their best work when they direct the skills of many on their team towards single complex challenges. As such you’ll likely work with nearly everyone on the team at some stage.

Key characteristics

You will need to be able to learn quickly and be curious about systems software, databases, and making software work at scale.

As a team, they share responsibility for the whole product lifecycle: design, implementation, testing/review, deployment, and operations. When needed, they work on tasks outside of our specialist areas, and you need to be willing to contribute as required.

You’ll be working within their small and dedicated product team — moving fast and working independently. To thrive in this role, you need to excel in a remote working environment while demonstrating a high level of integrity.

Primary accountabilities

This position is a senior role, and as such has important duties and responsibilities to fulfill. As a Senior Software Engineer, you will be expected to:
  • -  Develop robust, usable, elegant responsive code;
  • -  Collaborate on multiple projects with other members of the product team;
  • -  Perform code reviews and quality assurance testing;
  • -  Participate in an operations duty rotation, responding to user support requests and critical systems issues; and
  • -  Stay abreast of technology developments and actively teach and learn from colleagues.
Position requirements

Primarily, they want someone who produces great work and gets the job done. However, as this is a senior role, you will need to have significant experience in the essential areas.

Essential Knowledge, Competencies and Skills
  • -  Extensive knowledge of server-side coding and databases - we use Python, Go & Postgres;
  • -  Extensive knowledge of GraphQL and/or REST APIs;
  • -  Extensive experience in software testing — unit & integration testing; and
  • - Demonstrated ability to communicate complex ideas both verbally and by other means (presentations, proposals, bug reports, forum discussions, etc).
Desired Knowledge, Competencies and Skills
  • -  Familiarity working with GIS (geographic information system) data and applications;
  • -  Experience setting up scalable architecture with Kubernetes-like systems.
  • -  Experience building shipped products that meet the needs of end-users;
  • -  Knowledge and experience in frontend frameworks and their toolchains - we use JavaScript, React, Redux & Leaflet;
  • -  Degree in computer science or related field