Program Director

MTP Services

Exciting opportunity for a highly experienced Program Director to lead multiple projects within the Federal Government!

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Our client is seeking to engage a REST Program Director, who will be responsible for leading and overseeing the Program and will report directly to the Chief Information Officer. The Program will deliver a new, secure, industry-facing reporting system that will enable the department to sustainably collect the vast and growing volumes of information that is required to be reported under the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing Act (AML/CTF Act).

The benefits of this uplift will:
  • Support the department's regulatory and intelligence functions,
  • Streamline communication with industry,
  • Make it easier for the industry to comply with reporting obligations,
  • Support businesses to proactively address compliance issues before they become serious; and
  • Improve data quality by alerting the department to incorrect or non-compliant data.
Responsibilities Include:
  • Leading and managing the setting up of the REST program through to the delivery of the new capabilities and realization of benefits.
  • Governance of the program and reporting to the Capability Steering Committee.
  • Proactive interventions and decision-making to ensure that the program stays on track.
  • Effective management of issues, conflicts, priorities, budget, communications, and personnel.
  • Work positively with the full range of individuals and groups involved in the program 
  • Liaising closely with ITS project managers, Operational customers, and external stakeholders to plan, prioritize, and resource the program.
  • Providing leadership, management, coordination, and direction to teams delivering REST projects.
  • Work with other teams, and experts across DataOps, Analytics Engineering, and Data Architecture to ensure that the design, implementation, and management in production, of the end-to-end data pipeline, is optimized.
**Must have an active Baseline Security Clearance**

For more information please apply, or contact Shenny Chiu from MTP Services on 0421 011 998, or via email