Senior Consultant - Auckland

Farrow Jamieson

An opportunity to grow your recruitment career

  • The best technology, found globally, is utilised to support consultants
  • Grow your executive recruitment career by working in a supportive team environ
  • Christchurch and Auckland opportunities
Farrow Jamieson is a national firm that has been in operation for over 35 years. That longevity has been possible because we believe in constant change. We use the best technology globally and trial any source that will make our task of identifying and attracting talent, faster and more effective. Farrow Jamieson is a Beta tester for major platforms because of our expertise. However, we never forget that we are dealing with people - their hopes and aspirations.
Our people don’t talk about “hot desks”, “rock stars” or “ninja’s”, they talk about “client satisfaction”, “candidate feedback” and “celebrating success”. When we talk about KPI’s its not how many phone calls you have made, number of client visits or cv’s submitted; we focus on measuring Candidate feedback and Client rating.

You may be currently in a specific discipline or generalist role but want to increase your skills and effectiveness. You may also be in a firm that is measuring the wrong things.

Can you convince me that you will listen, change, grow and commit to the team rather than just yourself?
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