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Painting the picture – a well-known consultancy firm with a deep understanding within the infrastructure planning space have identified a massive pain point with charges & management of projects are now in midst of building a product to solve deep historical issues for their clients.

Larger software houses have tried to tackle this issue with little success due to lack of industry knowledge, whereas this start-up has moved from strength to strength and have now locked down some seriously large council project contracts.

This gets me excited (and should for you as well) as these guys are:
  • Experts within their realm and have worked within the industry long enough to be truly embedded with the right people and know the pain points inside and out
  • Are organically funded – although a relatively young business, do not rely on external capital backing and are run on both their current successes and backing by their consultancy firm
What does this role look like?

The team are now in midst of taking on a serious 12-month project with a large council in SEQ, with a greenfield public application needing to be built from scratch (imagine you’re Picasso and you’ve just been given a blank canvas). Currently the development team (who are remote from Ballina and Tasmania) are lacking a Front End guru to take the reigns client side and take the business to the next level.

They are looking for a remote front end developer (yes, 100% work from home) to not just work closely with their existing team, but embark on a truly one-of-a-kind business that has their vertical nailed, moving from strength to strength with their successes and be part of the journey long term.

So what will they need from me?

The perfect developer for these guys will be needing to have:
  • 3+ years commercial experience working Front End
  • Strong Angular 8 Typescript & Solid Javascript experience
  • Web development experience (HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap)
  • Experience with Visual Studio and VS Code and Git source control
  • Experience in ArcGIS is a plus
  • Clear communication skills (as this will be remote role you kinda need to do the talky well)
  • 100% Remote work from home (or if you would like to see familiar faces, these guys are also based in Eight Mile Planes tech park, QLD)
  • Be part of a journey with a business absolutely OWNING the Infrastructure Planning space – these guys will be looking to international markets once they’ve securely locked interstate prospects (which they already have solid relationships with).
These guys are seriously going to blow up in the next few years, so to be part of the journey and the #winningteam, hola @ me on:
Mobile – 0407 903 686
Email –
Daniel Belic