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You guys, this might be a pretty generic job title, but let me tell you, this role is by no means generic. Oh no, this is an absolutely delicious role with one of Brissy's most un-agency agency's.
I'm so darn wrapped to be exclusively partnering with these guys to find their next crew member and let me tell you, they are admirable not just for the work they do, but for the genuinely epic culture they've cultivated, how they treat their clients, and the absolute love and professional admiration their people have for each other. It's because of this that they have successfully built one of the highest performing and happiest teams in all of Brisbane that continue to consistently deliver for a stellar portfolio of clients that house some of the best brands in the bizz!!
Seriously, guys, these legends are absolute agency GOALS!!
Where do you come in? 
I'm after a CRO Account Manager and I bet you're wondering what skills you'll need to have in your wheelhouse to champion this role? 

Well, we think you're the kind of person who has lived and breathed CRO for a couple of years now, you know the in’s and out’s of it and have had some wins on the board in terms of achieving some pretty cool things at a campaign level. You LOVE all things data so you’re no stranger to using data-driven insights to create methodical testing plans with a focus on driving conversions and growing revenue and you know you’re way around all the cool CRO tools and platforms.

We’d like to think you’re someone that can bring some baseline experience in SEO to the table and/or have a keen interest to expand your skills across this channel to better compliment the rad work you’ll be doing in the CRO space. You’re someone that gets excited at the thought of sinking your teeth into some BIG and beautiful eComm + Retail clients which include some of the very best brands Australia has to offer and you’re of course, a natural communicator who is genuinely passionate about working closely with your clients to deliver some top-shelf ROI!

Yep, that's right! This is a real DREAM gig for that special someone...

Fancy some dot points that might better paint the picture around what you’ll be getting up to day-to-day? Here they are! #yourewelcome  
  • COLLAB with the coolest bunch of clients to create and execute customised CRO strategies.
  • Create methodical testing plans based on data-driven insights with the ultimate aim of growing revenue.
  • Ducking, weaving, strategizing, and leveraging ALL THE ‘COOL’ TOOLS that get the job done! These guys use; Google Optimise, but if you’re skilled up in other CRO platforms instead that’s fine too! 
  • Drive mock-up website changes in your preferred program.
  • Achieve ripper ROI/CPA for all clients in your folio;
  • ALL THE REPORTING, but being quite discerning about how you do it, and innately understanding how each of your clients likes to be reported to;
  • Use your top-shelf skills in Google Analytics/Tag Manager, Excel/Google Sheets, data analysis to drive conversions.
  • Stay ‘on-trend’ with ALL THE shiny new digital things/platform developments and share your learnings with your epic teammates.

While technical skills are of course important here, we are most importantly chasing the right attitude and culture fit. These guys are really like a little family who are eager to welcome the right person into their team with open arms. They genuinely love coming to work every day and we are really looking for someone that is in search of their happy (work) place. So if you're in a CRO role or currently in agency land and feeling a little sick and tired of the daily grind, all the hours, the huge client portfolio's and unrealistic expectations, etc. then I think you'll be pretty stoked to hear all about how these guys are doing their thang.
Does this sound like your jam?
Are you keen to hear more??
Then please, reach out so I can tell you ALL THE THINGS about this super sweet little opportunity!!
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Shannon Greaves
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