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Alright, guys. Listen up!
I'm psyched to tell you all about a super rad business that we've recently linked arms with to help them find a very special someone to join their team and drive one of the most exciting roles I've seen in Brisbane.

I've had the pleasure of getting to know these guys very well over the past couple of months and have been fortunate enough to really get the inside scoop on where they’re heading, the journey they've been on, and let me tell you - it's an impressive one to say the least!
We've had many meetings, drank lots of coffee (even had a few wines) and we've workshopped the prototype of the perfect person they need in this critical time of their growth trajectory. We thought long and hard about the sort of experience that we’ll be looking for in this new hire, even the sorts of problems they’ve solved in their career to date. So, we came to the conclusion that ‘PPC Partner Manager’ really summed this delish role right up! 
Alright, let’s talk about who they are, what they do, and the problems they’re trying to solve.

These guys are a scaling Brisbane based tech business that to date, has a presence established in over 26 countries globally! They have developed a revolutionary SaaS product that offers ground-breaking automation and scale-up capabilities to Google AdWords agencies globally, and I should probably mention, they are firmly backed by GOOGLE + MICROSOFT! 
Founded a little over six years ago now, these guys are the only players in their space with a super unique ‘USP’ that solves Paid Performance Managers’ problems by providing them with the ability to automate their #secretsauce at a campaign level and ANY management process they can conceive via a drag-and-drop flowchart engine. Pretty rad huh?
These guys are a bunch of the most humble and intelligent people you will meet. Seriously. They really are.  

The collective team are smart cookies. They’re cool. And they’re the kind of people who love nothing more than getting down to using tech to challenge the status quo in the Paid Performance space. So it goes without saying that they are going to welcome their next hire with open arms who has the same curious nature so they can help agencies on a global scale work more efficiently. 
 Alright, let’s talk about you now. 
So, we think that you’ll be someone who has been in agency land for quite some time, working predominantly in Paid Search. You’ll more than likely have worked your way up in an agency environment, whereby you have a small team under your guidance and leadership, or you’re either the go-to senior person who people come to for their campaign issues to be solved. 

Right now, you’re probably feeling like you’re in a safe place, a good wicket if you will, but with a yearning to dip your toes into the next thing but just not knowing which way you should go.  You’ll still be somewhat on the tools where you are, knowing instinctively what levers to push and pull in a paid campaign that yields top-shelf ROI. And, you’ve been around long enough to have forged a bit of a reputation in the Paid Performance space here in Brisbane as someone who really knows their s#%t. Frankly speaking, I’m even imagining that you might be thinking that you’re done in agency land, as you’re probably feeling burnt out and thinking that going client-side is a far better option for you at this time in your career. 

#justsaying, but if these sentiments resonate with you and how you’re feeling at this very point in time, then chances are you’re probably the kind of person that’s going to rock out in this role.

Now, let’s talk about this role, shall we? 

This is the kind of gig where you will be having pretty deep relationships with Google, whereby you’ll be hanging out a whole bunch with the crew at Google, forging deep relationships with them. Cool, right? 

You’ll be tasked with rolling out a new ‘Platinum Partner Program’ for the agency channel partners which will see you link arms with agencies to expand their business and ultimately become more efficient and more profitable through the adoption and use of this PPC tech platform. 

You’ll be championing the growth and the success of partners through fostering the partnership side of things in this business, helping to develop custom operating procedures, designing implementation schedules and building out workflows in the platform among a whole heap of other cool things. 

Here are a few little dot points that help paint the picture around what you’ll be getting up to day-to-day: 
  • Working super closely with clients to enable their advertising success within the tech platform, as the head of the Channel Partner Management team;
  • Developing and supporting strategic relationships with key clients, delivering the opportunity to work with some awesome SEM brains from across the world; 
  • Working with the Google team and the CEO in designing and growing a Platinum partner program;
  • Development and measurement of new and creative PPC strategies to help clients get the best ROI from the platform;
  • Helping clients move away  from non-last click attribution, and assisting them in meeting their internal metrics;
  • Providing general support for agencies, helping them with building workflows in the platform, delving down into the data, and providing granular detail around the metrics; And
  • Working closely with agencies to hold their hand through the adoption of the platform through pointed education and insights.
Here’s a snapshot of the type of things that we’ll be looking for in YOU!
  • Rockstar PPC Skills, as you’ll be working with some incredible PPC minds;
  • An analytical mind, and an ability to think critically; 
  • You’re commercial. You get business. You get numbers. You get clients and you know how to speak to clients in a way that gets them excited about the journey you can take them on;
  • You’re quietly confident in your skills
  • The ability to measure and report on business metrics and program success. These guys love their data;
  • You’ve got top-notch organisational skills and you’re experienced in using all of the cool tech tools to get the job done; 
  • You have amazing people skills – You’re great at managing the expectations of clients, managing up, down and even sideways!; 
  • You’ve got an open, curious and inquisitive personality with a growth mindset;
  • Your ability to GSD [Get S#%t Done] is super impressive and you’ve found some cool ways of doing things that are frankly, quite rudimentary; And
  • You’re confident and humble in your ability, but proud enough to flex your muscles when the time is right! 

So, what do you think? Does this role intrigue you? 

If it does, then please hunt me down to chat about it!

Here’s how you’ll find me - shannon.greaves@affix.com.au || 0458 184 555