Intermediate/Accountant - Not in the CBD - Good Parking & Coffee

Daniels Recruitment

Are you frustrated with the lack training, support and mentoring in your current role?  In this role, you have direct access to the Partners.

  • Relaxed and friendly work environment
  • Firm is committed to ongoing training and development
  • Great role if you are passionate about compliance and work/life balance
Tell Me About the Firm
Not many firms we work with can claim that they can’t remember losing a member of their team to another local firm.  And chatting to their current team I think I now know why.  The partners are genuinely committed to taking their staff on a journey.  Yes, they focus on developing your skills and experiences but they are also great believers in real work/life balance.
Another reason why they don’t have much turnover is that they focus on employing the “right” type of accounting professionals for their firm.  Do they want “empire builders” or “high maintenance” staff.  No.  They seek mature accountants who want to come to work to contribute.  If you are that style of accountant, this role will suit you perfectly.
How Much Experience Do I Need to Have?
Conservative by nature, you will be at a stage of your career where you can take a normal compliance job from start to finish. While there may be a few questions that arise from the job, you will be comfortable seeking guidance from the Partners.  You may even want to do some of your own research.  It is up to you.  The Partners are flexible and are happy with either method.
The firm’s preference is to attract an accountant with a minimum of three years Business Services/Compliance experience in Australia.  You may still be at uni or you may now be considering what your next step is – CA, CPA or just focussing on your life.  No pressure is placed on you.
What Will I Be Doing?
Day to day, most of your client contact will be via the phone or email but if you are interested in expanding on this, the Partnership will work with you to develop your confidence.  Once again if you don’t get motivated by lots of client contact.  Not a problem.
As a small firm, you will be provided with heaps of variety.  This includes client diversity but also you will get some minor exposure to audit.  Everyone chips in so don’t panic.  Consider it as an opportunity to develop.
With a realistic workload placed upon you, you will be provided with excellent “on the job” mentoring and be continually encouraged to participate in all internal and external training workshops.
What is the Salary Range?

Similar to most roles in public practice, in this role your remuneration is based on your ability and productivity.  What this means is simple, if you are exceeding expectations you can expect to be rewarded for your efforts.  As a guide, a salary in the range of $55,000 to $70,000 will be negotiated with the successful applicant.