BAILEY- Kitchen Stewards

Crystalbrook Collection

Without you and your team, there is nothing to cook with, there's no amazing food. "Stewarding is the heart of the kitchen". (A quote from our Chef!)

  • Top of the line equipment
  • Keep the shine on with your experience and knowledge of kitchen operations
  • You understand the important relationship of Chef, Steward and Restaurant team
Make it Happen. Make it Great.


Bailey, a Crystalbrook Collection Hotel
Bailey is modern, innovative and has a true appreciation for all the arts. Bailey chooses the path less travelled. The type of character you’ll find at the local farmer’s market rather than a supermarket or exploring the latest exhibition at the museum rather than at a rock concert. Bailey loves originality, individuality and attention to detail.

The Role:

You will collaborate with our guests by: 
  • Efficient cleaning of the kitchen premises and equipment, pots, pans, etc to meet the hospitality industry standards f
  • Maintaining food hygiene standards and correct chemical use 
  • Ensuring that all access and traffic areas are clear, clean and gleaming 
  • Making sure our brand new equipment is well loved 
  • ensure the kitchen operation is ready for service and packed down after service 
  • Foster a culture of innovation and breaking the norm
  • Effectively communicate and coordinate with all departments of the hotel
Your many talents will include:
  • Knowledge of cleaning chemicals and food safety standards (HACCP) 
  • Food Safety Certifications preferred 
  • Organisational Guru 
  • Able to work afternoon/evenings and weekends
More about our outlets:

CC’s Bar and Grill draws inspiration from Crystalbrook Station and the ruggedness of the Australian outback, CC’s Bar and Grill is redefining the traditional steakhouse. Famous for its steak, which comes directly from Crystalbrook Station, CC’s celebrates the best of Australian produce.  The stellar menu is derived from quality, fresh harvest that befits the earthy tone of the restaurant. Local ingredients and the finest beef are used to create the hearty, flavoursome dishes that offer exhilaration with every bite.

Crystalbrook Collection
Crystalbrook Collection is Australia's newest portfolio of distinctive, upscale hotels where differences are applauded. Our environment is dynamic and entrepreneurial, and we heartily believe in looking after our people. We're all about creating unique customer experiences, embracing each location. We love innovation, design, sustainability, connectivity… and most importantly, having fun.

What makes Crystalbrook Collection different?
We are Collaborators. Who you are matters as much as what you can do. We look for the twinkle in the eye with each Collaborator and a genuine passion to be great, truly outstanding professionals. Our Collaborators deliver service that is interested, curious, insightful, empathic, stylishly witty and locally aware.

We want you to make it happen, make it great. To assist you, we provide relaxing zones, learning opportunities and an easy to climb ladder – yep if you’re good at what you do, the only way is up.
Our Collaborators are always curious for more.
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