Senior IT Consultant / Digital Transformation Lead

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Looking for a Digital Transformation Leader with deep industry knowledge and experience in assisting Tier-1 Clients with Digital Transformation.

We are looking for Subject Matter Experts to help us in the discovery, planning and execution stages of Digital Transformation. We help our clients on their Digital transformation journey moving from the old (traditional) way of doing things to modern and futuristic practices.
Our Clients are mainly from Health, Transport & Logistics, Retail, Government, Media and the Manufacturing sectors.
Use Case:
The current state of IT (Traditional way of working)

  • Large in-house IT team using CapEx (Capital Expenditure) & OpEx (Operational Expenditure) models
  • Development, build, and implementation services are performed on-site
  • Data centres are on-site and/or in the cloud but are managed by internal teams
  • Vendor management is performed at various levels
  • Operations and BAU teams are also on-site. These teams have their roles and responsibilities clearly defined
  • Inter-team dependencies/communication is crucial to get the job done but this aspect is time-consuming and can regularly cause delays
  • This is one of the most common ways of working in large corporates and Governments
  • The culture is tough to change, and there is generally internal resistance to change
Future/Transformational state
  • This model retains critical functions like architecture, design, and a small number of build & operational capabilities in-house
  • Development, build, and implementation services are performed using partner networks including cloud service providers via SLAs (Service Level Agreement)
  • Operations and BAU services are also performed using partner networks via OLAs (Operational Level Agreement)
  • The role of IT team changes to more of a contract manager than just managing people and tech
  • There is generally a roadmap to move on-site IT services to the cloud and reduce the internal footprint
  • Cultural change management for IT is the most significant challenge/task
  • It is critical to have the right people, who have gone through this transformation a few times, help with the change. The knowledge, experience, communication, and lessons learnt are most valuable as the organisation navigates through different stages of transformation
  • Transformation specialists/consultants can also share their views on the journey, end results, and benefits to the organisation, stakeholders, clients, and teams which instils confidence in all parties involved