Finance Internship

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of WA

Mortgage Broking/Loan company

  • South of the River Location
  • Rapidly expanding company.
Work for a Mortgage broking/loan company
About the company:
We will help customers to choose the most affordable loan products according to their actual situation 
We provide services in English, Mandarin and Cantonese .
We communicate with the customers by phone, WeChat and email, so that the customers can know the progress at any time.
We save customers time by simplify the loan process.
We are responsible for checking every procedure and material information to ensure the loan is approved.
Job Description:
  • Manage clients information
  • Filling in loan application forms
  • Calculate Gross income and net income
  • Calculate profit before tax and net profits for clients
  • calculate loan repayments
  • Other office administration jobs
  • communicate with clients, lenders settlement agents and real estate agents. 

You must be a Curtin university student in the second half of your degree
You must be studying Finance or Accounting
You must be able to commit to 2-3 days totalling 100hrs min to 150 hours max 
The company will show preference to students who are fluent in Chinese as the majority of the companys clients are Chinese businesses/individuals.

This internship is unpaid.