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A fantastic Community Pharmacy located 2 hours west of Newcastle, NSW is looking for a competent Pharmacist Manager to join their progressive team.

  • Lucrative remuneration between $45.00 ~ 55.00 P/H during the week
  • No late nights and a great work/life balanace
  • Great career progression opportunity leading to IMMEDIATE partnership!
Come join this lovely community two hours west of Newcastle, NSW to work with a fantastic and driven team operating a busy Pharmacy and tending the local patients and community there.

They are looking for a competent Pharmacist to hit the ground running and take this Pharmacy to the next level. Your experience in management is extremely ideal, but more than that, your ability to generate revenue, be flexible and be able to be a good leader, adjusting to the staff's learning styles, as well as building quality relationships with the tight-knit community.

Benefits you will receive in return:
  • Remuneration between $45.00 ~ 55.00 P/H
  • Accommodation sourced and provided for you
  • Immediate partnership opportunity
  • Flexible work/life balance in a gorgeous suburb
  • Live in a beautiful community with lakes, museums, botanical gardens, local cafes, a fantastic school system, and overall great lifestyle
  • No methadone program
  • Relocation assistance provided for you and/or your family
  • Flexibility and additional hours if needed
  • Close to a vibrant city, yet with all of the suburban rewards and benefits
  • Immediate permanent full-time hours and position
  • Great career progression opportunity
This is busy Pharmacy operating with a big team of people in a lovely shopping centre in the heart of the city. You will be required to find solutions, problem solve, build relationships, and do the operational side of things to ensure the Pharmacy's reputation is upheld and running smoothly. Efficient customer service and assistance to the Community is the number one focus, so healthcare and professional services should be at the forefront of your approach.

In this easygoing and friendly atmosphere, you will be given all of the tools necessary to do a fantastic job, and more than anything enjoy a challenging, yet rewarding role. Can you implement new business strategies? Can you lead a team efficiently? Can you juggle the operational and day-to-day duties?

Are you interested in this opportunity?

If so, please send your resume to for review and/or call +61 478 765 544 for a confidential chat. 

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