Work from home doing what you love while making a ton of money and being supported by a team - interested...then apply right now.

  • Outstanding opportunity for people looking for flexibility & great earnings
  • Profit share potential & Uncapped Commissions
  • Flexibility - Work from home part time or full-time hours and be your own boss
  • Outstanding opportunity for people looking for flexibility & great earnings
  • Profit share potential & Uncapped Commissions
  • Flexibility - Work from home part time or full-time hours and be your own boss (min 4-5 days p/w) working from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. If you ever wanted to feel like you're running your own business - this is the opportunity for you (without risking your house or savings and making money from the get go while working from home) while being supported by an experienced mentor. 
We are a growing Recruitment Agency with big dreams, a solid vision and a track record of success - and we would love to have interesting, loyal and hard working people come along on the journey to success. At the moment we recruit in the most exciting niche ever - ACCOUNTANTS (they're not that bad...really!) on a national scale and are growing quite rapidly and will be expanding to other service lines – Medical, Financial Planning, Legal etc...
We operate a no nonsense approach by doing the right thing by our clients and candidates, hard work and sincerity.
Ideally, you want to be able to work from home full time with flexibility around children, have full management support but also have a lot of autonomy and you thrive on success - we're building a culture of success and want to be surrounded by people that are driven, fun and intelligent and those that understand that success breeds success.
We are looking for individuals that are:
1.     Prepared to enjoy life while making great money and looking after their families
2.     Very success driven and goal oriented - we want a culture of success and we are only prepared to hire winners
3.     You know how to build rapport and consult in an honest and engaging way that adds value
4.     Have high levels of Attention to Detail
5.     Must have a track record of success in your life and ability to execute and get $##t done no matter what. 
6.     Genuinely want to be involved in building the business and make it better every year - proactive individuals that strive for personal improvement
7.     Loyal & Intelligent - we want people that will be the fabric of this organisation for many years to come and if you want to be involved in the management of the company then even better.
8.     Open minded, tough, very intelligent, resilient, curious and lots of fun
9.     People with high commercial acumen that know how to consult not just hard sell.
10. Ideally (bonus but not necessary):
- You have a Recruitment Agency/Sales/Accounting/Corporate/HR background, where you have used your outstanding communication skills to build strong relationships and achieve sales targets
 - If you have an Accounting/Medical/Legal/FinPlan/Corporate background in Australia - even better. 
Ability to create quick and strong rapport with clients over the phone and a willingness to contribute as part of a collaborative and dynamic team.
- You have some extra skills to bring to the team - such as digital marketing, copywriting, website development etc...

                ***100% Fluency in English is a must***

Once you prove yourself as a capable Recruiter that can bill and train other recruiters and earn their respect as a Manager and then you’ll be promoted to Director to grow and lead the company further into different markets (niche and geographic). 
What you're going to get:
• A lot of training but also a lot of being thrown in the deep end
• Ability to work from home (part time or full time) but still be part of a team (for those in Capital Cities can arrange an office)
• Have a lot of fun doing an amazing job
• Earning great money - way above industry average - at the same time not interested in people that expect high base salaries - this is sales - the base is just that...a base for you to pay your bills which you'll earn after you qualify for it - the rest you actually have to earn (like close a sale - you know the fun part!). Depending on your experience - can be small base plus comms or all comms with higher % (depending on how confident you are in your abilities). 
• Involved in the decision making of the business and if you're up for it - the management & potential ownership of the company down the road
• Lots of bonuses and incentives
Ideal for people tired of the corporate environment especially mothers & retirees wanting to be financially independent or spoil the family with some extra holidays and toys...but also be there for your kids at school events, sports events and watch them get a medal in their 100m race at the athletics carnival (even if there are only 3 kids in the race!). If your kids are at school and you have time to work hard during school hours and watch your kids grow up and be there for them when they come home from school then this is for you. But this is not a 9-5pm job - in recruitment you always have to be available for your clients and candidates by phone or email. 

This role will not work for you if: 
  • You don’t have solid corporate experience (ie: you’ve worked in an office environment unless you were a doctor). You've got solid and substantial experience under your belt. 
  • You don’t have a stable job history (ie: your CV looks worse than a that of a job hopping kangaroo)
  • You're afraid of working hard - the role requires discipline and hard work to begin with, afterwards gets much easier
  • You're afraid of picking up the phone and speaking to strangers on a daily basis and using your skills and intelligence to influence them
  • You're not willing to commit 3-5 years to this because this role takes time to master and pay growing dividends the longer you're in it
  • You are not coachable & intelligent - there is a lot of training provided so you need to want to learn and more important implement
  • You're not a team player - this is a team effort and will require everyone to contribute to the success of the business
  • You are not committed to your success and have other businesses or priorities on the side that will distract you. 
  • You are not an honest & trustworthy individual - you will get full transparency, honesty, and integrity from me with a lot of support and training - but I expect honesty and integrity from you as well. 
That's it!

 (Can’t believe you’ve read this far) 

The rest is up to you. But we want winners on board. If you're interested (and you should be - I mean WHO wouldn't want to recruit accountants from home and have fun doing that while making the big bucks!!!)
Make sure you research and understand the challenges & realities of working in recruitment in an agency environment and you are comfortable with a commission only (or low base) role to begin with (so we don't waste each other's time – otherwise I’m paying you to watch Netflix at home). This is not for everyone but is very rewarding for those that are prepared to work hard and make a career out of it. Most consultants make six figure incomes (not bad when you're working from home and spending time with the kids). Also - this role only works if you can dedicate ideally 5 days (to begin with anyway) where you can be on the phone during working hours (ie in the range of 9-5 when your clients will be able to talk to you) but you can still organise your time so you can do your school drop offs and pick ups this will not work for anyone with very young kids (younger than 8 years old) still at home that need your constant attention (because there are interviews after hours when candidates are available so they need to entertain themselves).

Apply ONLY BY sending Michael an EMAIL with your CV to, with a cover letter explaining whatever you want to explain in relation to the above (why recruitment, and that you understand what's involved, how low base+commission structure will work for you financially etc...) and you have to use the word giraffe in your story.
Talk to you soon!

(We get 100’s of applications so only successful candidates will be contacted)