Enrolled Nurse

RWR Health

Beautiful old homestead / residential care facility for loved ones with an intellectual disability. Safe, caring, happy and homely environment

  • Strong leadership who value their team. Many there more than 10 years!
  • Warm, inclusive, safe and clean environment
  • Plenty of variety and rewarding opportunities
I have just met with the most lovely leadership and team members you shall find.  Large and old but beautiful premises in Central Auckland, close to Newmarket and really warm, comfortable, safe and clean shared and independent housing for residents.  I've had a great tour of the site and met the staff, families and residents.  Nothing but positivity and love for all.

When speaking to the manager of over fifteen years, she said this -

‘We strive to maintain an atmosphere that many larger organisations have sadly lost - an atmosphere of caring, support, having fun, education and of sharing our experiences with each other.’

The organisation:

The organisation is a residential home and activity centre for people with an intellectual disability.  There is a separate residence down the road for more able folks.  Letting them live a more normal life.  However clinical staff are there daily to check in and keep the wheels on.  All up there must be at least 50 beds and a total staff of approximately 45.  The team are made up on leadership, administration, health and safety, commercial and clinical staff.  Over 60% of the team have been with the organisation more than 10 years.  They MOH have granted them a 4 yearly audit which speaks volumes about their location and leadership.

Who are you?

Firstly, you are an enrolled nurse!  You are patient, great communication, supportive v directive, warm and caring and a great ambassador to the disability sector.  You will make up part of professional team of passionate clinicians who are there to support a group of intellectually disabled residents.  You will interact with families and friends frequently and want to be part of a team that is more like family.  This is a mature environment and suited to someone who is familiar with the local community and has worked within ID or disability or related fields.  You need to have your citizenship, clear communication and vehicle license.  We love people to have some life experience to add some depth to the team.

The role:

Your duties will range from providing physical and emotional care, to more complex duties such as administering medications and guiding less skilled clinical staff.  Lifestyle planning and coordination for a small group of residents in your care, regular check ups, assisting residents to events such as GP visits or similar, resident assessments, observe any changes and dear I say but... reporting!  But I assure you, unlike the large facilities, you will get variety in your role.

The roster is rotational and they are 8 hour shifts including a rostered weekend day.  There are no overnight stays and so far it has proven to be a very flexible and amicable work environment.  So a little "give and take" will go a long way.

So - let's hear from you today!

Brad Stewart 
Director, RWR Health