Senior NASC Leader - Mental Health and Disability / Social Services

RWR Health

Major NASC services organisation, hugely influential in New Zealand, strong leadership and clinical expertise on board, great direction and focus

  • Be a leader in NASC and make real change with this organisation
  • Lead a specialist programme with influence and ability to set direction
  • Senior Position

Life is an ever changing landscape. People experience disabilities at different times of their life—at birth, when they start school, or after an event like a stroke. 

Whenever and however you experience disability, it is crucial that there is support for you and your whanau and that they understand that you want to live the best life possible and have access to the same opportunities as others.

We think the best way to support you is to set up teams that are knowledgeable of your disability needs during specific stages of your life.  

And that is what a NASC provider is an that is what we do - Needs Assessment Service Coordination. 

This organisation is full of mana and whakaute.  They ooze professionalism and are a major provider of services to the disability sector.  Strong leaders and relationships with funders, community, businesses and other providers built on deep foundations over time and experience.

We are looking for a high end senior NASC specialist to join the team and help lead the direction and create quality outcomes

We seek:

  • Passion and commitment to diversity, disability and the community sector
  • A firm and intimate working knowledge and understanding of NASC, NASC services and the unique workflow that comes with NASC
  • Expert level at guiding and coaching dotted line teams in service delivery
  • Manage operational issues and challenges including complaint resolution and efficient service orientated processes and environments
  • Manage a small caseload of high and complex needs client cases and whanau support
  • Direct leadership of a small yet specialist team within NASC
  • Intimately connected with a network of other community providers, funders and government agencies 

This is a highly influential role and will directly affect the direction of the organisation and decisions made within the SLT. 

If you are looking for a serious challenge and change than you do not need to look any further.

Contact Brad Stewart to learn more on 095207612 and apply now!