Senior Frontend Developer

Roam Creative

Roam is looking for a Senior Frontend Developer who's been around the block and seen it all from startup to enterprise-scale.

  • Roam has a global presence with massive growth plans in Aussie
  • Technical mastery, solution design, client management and team mentoring
  • Experience in Javascript/TypeScript, Vue, React, Redux, Angular 2+ is preferred

Roam specialises in building a range of awe-inspiring digital products for customers in NZ, US, Aussie and Europe ranging from branding & visual design, mobile apps, user experience, high-end web development and tying it all into the internet of things. Android or iOS, we're all friends here. We develop with a strong focus on design-led thinking producing innovative and stunning apps with amazing, behind-the-scenes code.
We are looking for a Senior Frontend Developer/Tech Lead with a flair for frontend development who's been around the block and seen it all in a variety of industries. From startup to enterprise-scale projects, you’ve been there, done that. You’re a tinkerer, troubleshooter, problem-solver and sleeve-roller-upper combining technical mastery, solution design, stakeholder management and team mentoring all in one.
  • You’ll be hands-on as the Tech Lead in one or more of our high-stake client projects
  • You’ll be the Master of the Craft mentoring our devs all day, everyday
  • Owning the product from start to finish, working closely with the PM on technical decisions and planning
  • Building trust with the client and translating their business needs into viable business solutions
  • Pushing the boundaries of the spec and blowing our clients away with innovative solution design
  • Security - you know how to poke holes in systems and how to patch them
  • Reviewing PRs and assisting our devs with complex technical questions
  • Removing road blocks, finding workarounds and pushing the team to pursue excellence in everything we do

  • Great experiences are made of stunning interfaces & clever code
  • You know first-hand how to craft a complete solution from start to finish, including every single component of the solution
  • Frontend development is your jam, but you’ve done more than just dabble in backend and mobile too
  • Javascript / TypeScript frontend development using React + Redux and/or Angular is and will remain your first love
  • Experience with Vue, Node.js and GraphQL
  • Know SQL? or NoSQL? We’re not prejudiced; we love databases that work for the solution
  • CI/CD experience with AWS or other cloud platform providers
  • Resumes at the top of the stack include existing sites, web apps or GitHub repos

  • You live and breathe the qualities of an Exceptional Roamer - you’re curious, passionate, honest, empathetic and pursue excellence everyday
  • You’re pragmatic and don’t over-engineer solutions
  • You take ownership of the product from the beginning to the very end
  • You take the lead and naturally inspire and motivate your team mates
  • You’re proactive and take initiative at every opportunity
  • You understand the importance design plays in building successful products
  • Brand new office space in Surry Hills
  • As the Aussie extension of a well-established creative house, you get the best of both worlds of start-up vibes paired with enterprise-scale work
  • We'll train you further with a range of great opportunities and innovative projects under the guidance of our Head of Web, talented Architects and dev teams across NZ and Australia

Applicants must be eligible to work in Australia