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Everyday Independence

Everyday Independence is improving the lives of people living with a disability in Sydney. We are growing because of our success and our culture.

  • Join our rapidly growing team of Speech Pathologists in Sydney
  • Be a part of our Industry Leading conference in Melbourne this November
  • Supported induction and ongoing program of coaching, mentoring and support
Everyday Independence is improving the lives of people living with a disability. 
We are striving to be the best in the world at interdisciplinary therapy; within a person’s natural environment; and in ways which are inclusive of the  person’s family, friends and community.
People matter to us; and we are developing a workforce that is skilled, passionate and driven to providing therapy within a social model of disability.
We are growing because of our success and our culture.
Do you think you would be a good fit for our team?

Come and see for yourself and join us at the Everyday Independence Careers Evening on Tuesday 8th October from 6pm – 7:30pm at Everyday Independence 20 Albion St Harris Park 2150. You’ll learn more about why Everyday Independence is such a fulfilling place to work and further your career. 

Employment type: Full Time or Part Time
Term: Ongoing 
Location: 4 positions available at our Sydney offices (Parramatta, Bankstown, Penrith and Liverpool)   

Salary: $65,000 - $115,000
Relocation bonus for the right applicants.

To create this advertisement we asked our therapists two questions:  Why do you work here? and What is special about EI?  This is what they had to say!
Why do you work at Everyday Independence?
  1. Career Progression and Learning:  Our therapists rated our development programmes > 9/10 in our 2019 Team Survey. All therapists at EI have a career pathway and many tell us that “if you have worked at EI, you are so well trained you can work anywhere”.
  2. Our Values: Our therapists tell us that they work at EI because it is an organisation that aligns with their values.  Our core value is “people matter” and this is supported by our values of  strengths based, excellence, integrity, simplicity and appreciation.
  3. Cutting Edge and Innovation: We are at the forefront of our industry and influencing the future of allied health services to the NDIS and disability in Australia.  We show a strong commitment to evidence based practice we have transformed our practice to a social model of disability. 
  4. We make a difference – We know we make a real difference to people’s lives that continue to build and have an impact interdependent of therapy.  Our 2018 Accreditors stated in the opening line of their report “Everyday Independence has grown from one person with a passion to make a difference to over 150 people sharing this same passion”.  
  5. Support: Everyone has access to support and scheduled professional development across the week.  Therapists access coaching, mentoring, shadowing, learning communities and much more. Therapists tell us that accessing the right support at the right time has the biggest impact on their work with their clients.
  6. Teamwork:  we use a team approach to deliver true interdisciplinary practice – you will come to EI and be part of something bigger than yourself.  In our most recent survey team members rated team support at > 8.5/10.
What is special about Everyday Independence?
  1. Our Culture – we share the same values and vision; we are proud finalists for the Team Culture Award at the Australian Allied Health Awards for 2019.
  2. Our service model and approach: We work in natural environments, we are evidence based and we deliver world class innovative therapy programmes to people where live, work, learn and play.  Our clinical excellence team is facilitated by Leanne Healey (2018 OT of the year) and we adopt international best practice in everything we do
  3. Our size: With nearly 250 employees, our team members tell us that they like the opportunities that size brings (eg. career development, scheduling caseloads that are close to each other, specialisation and being part of team that look out for each other).  We have found that becoming bigger has enabled us to become more connected. 
  4. Our geographical reach – we have 14 locations in metropolitan and regional Victoria and NSW.  We have employees move for career opportunities and for life circumstances.  When our clients move we can support them in their new location without a break in service, often supporting them to access their new home and community with confidence for the first time.
  5. We offer early career therapists and exceptional start to their career – we are finalists in the Early Career clinician category at the 2019 Australian Allied Health Awards.
  6. We welcome and value therapists that are parents (or therapists with other life roles) and can offer the flexibility that they need to support their family/interest. 
  7. At EI, everyone has a voice and we use a team approach to develop our team and our organisation.   
In these new Speech Pathologist roles you will:
  • Work with children or adults or both depending on your experience and/or preference. 
  • Participate in our industry leading Off to a Flying Start Programme (intake every 8 weeks) where followed by our mentoring and coaching programmes (ongoing)
  • Development in a variety of specialist areas if interested
  • You have access to administration and scheduling support
  • Earn above award salary with additional leave if required
  • Be covered by all insurances (Workcover, public liability and professional indemnity)
  • You will be provided with the tools you need including laptop, phone and generous vehicle options
  • Relocation expenses for some applicants.
  • Have opportunities for career development including leadership, clinical specialisation, coaching and mentoring. 
  • Be part of a team that has strong commitment to a positive culture and delivering outcomes that make a real difference to people’s lives.
  The NDIS brings to the Sydney region a huge opportunity to improve the lives of the whole community through the inclusion of people of all abilities. By joining Everyday Independence, you will help drive and support this social change. 

You can find out more about Everyday Independence on our website www.everydayind.com.au/join our team or please contact Everyday Independence on 0447 803 861 or email careers@everydayind.com.au 
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