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Despite COVID-19 the Aus market for Rem professionals continues to be buoyant, with demand outstripping supply & interesting opportunities a plenty!

  • Challenge or greater Variety
  • New Project or a new Industry
  • More control over your Hours
Despite COVID-19 the Australian employment market for Remuneration professionals continues to be buoyant, with demand continuing to outstrip supply and interesting opportunities are still out there! 
So what are your career goals for the remainder of the year?

Maybe it is more challenge or greater variety; perhaps the chance to work on a new project or in a new industry; maybe you want more control over your hours, or simply the chance to make more coin. 

Or maybe you just need a job - because that damn Virus has smashed your organisation!
Whether an operational focus (2-5 yrs exp.) - remuneration review assistance, role matching and sizing, new system admin / testing ... 
or a mid-level, tactical focus (5-8 yrs. exp.) - benchmarking, remuneration review management, benefits / incentive (STI/Sales) design and roll-out, new system project management ... 
or a senior strategic focus (>10 yrs. exp.) LTI (re)design, remuneration strategy design and roll-out, Annual Report commentary, or ExCo / RemCo advice ...
Reward Recruitment would love to hear from you and speak about what you are looking to achieve for you and your career!
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