Engineering Surveyor

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Engineering Surveyors: 'Free Range Chickens' of the civil construction sector?

  • $165K(ish) At tad more/less depending upon expertise
  • Plus Super etc
  • FIFO/DIDO roles Queensland
Hey There,
From the onset, right up front, I’ll admit it. Of the various roles I recruit for in the construction sector, hands down, there is one which is equally fascinating and challenging, more than any other creature (skill-set) in the world of civil construction.
Yep, the Engineering Surveyor. 
A special creature set a little apart from the pack. Highly intelligent and fiercely independent, to me, they are the 'free-range chickens' of the construction sector.
In my happy hunting ground, this creature poses a conundrum. Often found lurking on the fringes of the job market, in my experience, they yearn for the inclusiveness and security of a team. The stability of ongoing employment and other such trappings sound nice, and yet they fear the predictability and structure of domestication in equal measure. 
It appears that a strong sense of autonomy and freedom is very high in their hierarchy of workplace needs.
I have found many of these intelligent and complex creatures will express interest in a role, go through the motions of applying for it, only to quickly scuttle back to the known quantity of their contract work.
Bringing an Engineering Surveyor in from the wild and onto a team can be a delicate operation. Balancing their natural curiosity, and need for autonomy, with their aversion to predictability is a complex task. 
Swift moves can panic the subject and quickly unravel any progress made.
The past few years have been good for Surveyors in the wild, with an abundance of options available. There’s good money on offer for contract work. With another good few seasons ahead of us, these conditions will continue.
As such, luring an Engineering Surveyor out of the wild and into a regular kind of job arrangement now requires a more considered approach.
I enjoy a challenge and the thrill of a chase. Naturally, when asked if I could hunt some down, I jumped at the chance. 
These employers are offering good homes with reliable ongoing employment for Engineering Surveyors seeking stability over the feast or famine of contract work.
Putting the enticements on the table:
1/ $165K-ish. (A tad more/a tad less depending on experience/ level of expertise) Plus the usual trappings. Superannuation, Annual Leave etc 

2/ It’s a job with a regular payday. (this helps tick all the boxes in any interactions with a bank or mortgage broker)

3/ You’d be a highly specialised and highly valued member of the construction team.

4/ You would still have a very high level of autonomy in your day to day work
I have 2 clients who have tasked me with finding Engineering Surveyors to join their team(s) In each case the roles are FIFO or DIDO into regional or remote Queensland, typically on 3/1, and the occasional 2/1 project, also the possibility of a residential role in Wide Bay.
If you happen to know where any of these fascinating creatures, these Engineering Surveyors, might be lurking, or know of one looking to make the change, I’d be most grateful if you could let them know I’m actively looking to place them with ‘good homes.’
Much appreciated and warm regards

1300 395 722

PS. Must have experience in the context of a Civil Construction setting and must have the legal right to live and work in Australia.