Director, Performance & Digital Marketing


We are looking for a Senior Digital & Performance Marketing candidate to join a fast-growing startup.

  • Strong Performance Marketing & Analytic Skills
  • Prior experience in high growth startups
  • Proven Team Leader
Job Responsibilities: 
  • Define and drive the vision and strategy for Marketing, encompassing performance marketing, other digital and non-digital channels, as well as all branding initiatives.
  • Design and execute strategies to achieve targetted user growth objectives, while ensuring we are onboarding and retaining top users. 
  • Manage the marketing budget to constantly improve efficiency while balancing between short-term and long terms objectives.
  • Increase the share of organic acquisition through the right mix of branding, virality-based, and other relevant initiatives, working in collaboration with the Growth team. 
  • Enhance branding to become a market-leading brand and Employer of Choice while ensuring the alignment with overall Company Strategy
  • Propose, discover and scale new channels for growth
  • Help to build, strengthen and lead the Marketing Team
Key Requirements: 
  • Proven Marketing Leader with at least 5 - 7 years of experience in driving efficient digital acquisition and building strong digital brands
  • Prior experience working in high growth startups as well as managing substantial budgets across different channels and business objectives
  • Built and led a sizable and high-performing end-to-end Marketing Team across performance marketing, branding, and creative
  • Ability to plan and execute quantitative experiments and A/B tests effectively
  • Strong analytical skills and understanding of Performance Marketing channels and dynamics with the ability to drive an end-to-end marketing 
  • Highly entrepreneurial and can work in a dynamic environment
Call for Action:

If you possess the above qualities and keen on a new challenge, please apply directly or contact for more information.