Senior Instrument & Control Engineer - SOS


SOS Project Support

  • With automation equipment suppliers to complete the instrument selection design and control system design based on the process requirement.
  • Control system design, selection, scheme, development configuration, debugging, etc.
  • Construction supervision and technical management of instrument control project, control of project progress and quality, solution of on-site technical problems in construction.
  • Single calibration of instrument and joint calibration of control system, start-up and operation of device.
  • Work out the technical specification of control system instrument, complete the purchase, factory acceptance and arrival acceptance of instrument and automation equipment together with purchasing department.
  • Technical transformation of control system and instrument, configuration programming of control system, process optimization.
  • With Multi-Skill for project management, with capacity for Formulate project plan, implement project management, ensure cost, schedule, performance and quality objectives, and effectively manage project resources.
  • Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical, electrical and other related fields.
  • Good command of spoken English.
  • Familiar with Air-Separation industry working process.
  • Willing to optimize instrument & control design to increase competitiveness.
  • Good knowledge of computer.
  • Good communication capability with team members.
  • Oversea Working experience is preferred.