Senior Manager - Delivery Architecture / Pre-Sales Support

DQA Pty Ltd

Senior Agile Coach to support Delivery Architecture and Pre-Sales, Delivery Methodology training and Engagement delivery architecture and governance s

Position Summary:

An Agile SAFe specialist to provide pre-sales, delivery architecture, planning and estimation support to Delivery Practice Lead, DQA Sellers and Capture Managers. Own delivery methodology and IP and provide on-boarding training to new team members.  Provide delivery governance and leadership on key engagements building strong and enduring relationships with key customers.

  • Pre-sales and delivery methodology consulting, scoping, estimation, and proposal development with DQA Sellers, DQA Capture Managers, clients and other staff as required
  • Establishment, management and support of delivery approach, delivery team, outcome delivery, reporting and showcasing
  • Establishment and configuration of delivery enabling tools, usage guidelines, standards, operating procedures and supporting documentation
  • Delivery practice resource interviews and mentoring
  • Establishment, management, and update of standard delivery toolkit artefacts
  • Support Delivery Practice Lead with collateral development, onboarding, and education
  • Assist with marketing and promotion of DQA including case study documentation, blog content development and other collateral as reasonably required
  • Assist DQA to obtain and maintain required competencies, panel memberships and standing with external stakeholders to facilitate the growth of the business
  • Continually develop relevant professional knowledge and competency in key disciplines and technologies
  • Growing delivery practice and people maturity
  • Other duties as reasonably required.
Key Success Factors: 
  • Ability to maintain a positive, open mindset, inspire others and willingness to continuously improve for the best outcome
  • Ability to rapidly build relationships, gain trust and work effectively with a range of colleagues and stakeholders to meet proposal and project deadlines, and build the right culture
  • Ability to listen, read emotional sentiment and adjust delivery/communication approaches to match customer needs and expectations
  • Ability to effectively manage scope, schedule, budget, and quality to provide the best agreed outcome
  • Ability to improve intra and inter team relationships to improve delivery efficiency Ability to continually learn and be energised by new challenges, clients, people, delivery methodologies, technologies, capabilities, and opportunities
  • Ability to lead delivery teams, helping them to prioritise and work systematically and logically through assigned tasks
  • Ability to translate client needs (through briefs and meetings) into elegant, workable solutions and to translate these into suitably resourced, logically sequenced, and accurately costed proposals
  • Ability to articulate organisational and delivery architectures and approaches clearly and concisely in both writing and diagrammatically
  • Ability to understand the various business and commercial factors that drive solution requirements, and incorporate these factors into own work
  • Attention to detail and ability to think creatively to achieve outcomes
Knowledge, Skills and Attributes: 
  • At least 5 years relevant Agile, delivery and business development experience
  • Deep professional competencies and reputation in Agile and delivery communities
  • Practical, senior level expertise with requirements specification, delivery architecture and design, scrum master, team building
  • Scrum master certification, project management practitioner certifications
  • Strong, objective, impartial coaching skills, and communications ability
  • Strong conceptual understanding of all aspects of the systems development lifecycle and technical platforms and capabilities including cloud
  • Strong conceptual understanding of DevOps (and / or DevSecOps) and automation and orchestration.
  • Demonstrated skill at successfully building and navigating relationships with clients in Government (ideally in Canberra)
  • A highly structured, analytical yet creative mind, able to see the big picture while diving deep into the detail with equal confidence
  • A passion for end user experience and ensuring both usability and business fit
  • A pragmatic, collaborative, down to earth approach to working with people to negotiate and design delivery solutions that work
  • A flair for documentation writing and diagramming
  • Ability to work closely with all technical and business professionals to negotiate solutions to complex business requirements
  • Ability to liaise effectively with stakeholders, colleagues, vendors, and subject matter experts to provide them with usable assets and guidance
  • A passion for learning and new challenges
  • A commitment to producing high quality, accurate deliverables
  • Ability to work productively with limited direct supervision
  • Ability to work interstate when required
  • Fluent written English and attention to spelling/grammar.
  Clearances and Certifications: 
  • AGVSA Baseline or higher security clearance is highly desirable
  • Must be eligible for AGVSA security clearance at minimum
  • Scrum master certification mandatory
  • SAFe release train engineer certification highly desirable
  • SAFe SPC certification highly desirable