Residential Building Designer


If you have experience listening to a customer requesting a home design and you're able to create what they want, with options in 3D render, call us!

  • The market demand for designers in Adelaide is at an all time high
  • If you have done this and can provide options in 3D contact us
  • Let's catch up for coffee and chat about your career options
Please call me if you are confident of exceeding the expectations of your employer/client in the following scenario:

You're working for a, or sub-contracting to (multiple) builder[s], who pride themselves on custom designs.  The customer market is evolving into a better appreciation of the benefits of environmentally sustainable developments, that are more aesthetically appealing; designs that improve quality of life inside as well as helping the home connect better with the street and improving the neighbourhood, and ultimately it's market valuation!

You get invited to meet a customer who has a $600,000 budget (they've just sold their life-long home to cash in for retirement and build their dream home so they cannot go over their budget as they are no longer earning an income).  The customer has already been vetted by the director of the company or an excellent sales consultant and they have not committed anything to the company to build, yet! This is where your critical value comes in, as you are responsible for listening to what the customer wants and then going away and working on different options, including materials and designs for the customer, all within their budget, but you can create 3D rendering of the elevations and interior using Revit or ArchiCAD and plugging that into something like Lumion to produce images that capture the attention of the client and they willingly hand over the $2-5,000 design fee so your team (or you aswell) can get started on the detailed construction documentation drawings for full development approval.

If this is you, then I would be confident to help you get at least 2 interviews, maybe more, to help you make the best decision for your next step in your career.

Salary for this: circa $100k and beyond, with commissions for sign-ups (let me negotiate this for you)

Contact Andrew for an absolutely confidential discussion about the possibilities on 0431 744 823