MFI Internship Program - Pharmaceutical Science Stream

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Pharmaceutical Science Students! Gain industry experience and 6 credit points towards your degree as a part of the MFI Internship program. APPLY NOW!

What is the project?
Monash Food Innovation (MFI) in collaboration with Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and the Singapore Food Manufacturers Association (SFMA) is seeking applications from Pharmaceutical Science students to participate in an exciting, for-credit, food innovation challenge. Each multi-disciplinary group (made up of 4-5 students from the Pharmaceutical Science, Science, Business, Industrial Design and Engineering disciplines) will be presented with a problem by one of the participating Singaporean Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) food manufacturers. This year, your challenge focuses around nutritional food and beverage products for older adults. You and your team will put your heads together to research, ideate, refine and develop these products or concepts. With guidance from highly regarded professionals in the field at MFI, you will use your analytical and problem-solving skills to come up with creative solutions to pitch to your SME and a panel of judges.

What are the opportunities?
Through a series of structured workshops over 11 weeks, MFI will support you in developing a range of skills in order to tackle your SME's unique challenge. From learning about MFI's Methodology for Innovation to knowledge mapping to ideation and packaging, consumer testing and final pitch training, you will be a part of a fast-track industry placement in this specialised and exclusive project.

Each week you will be guided through one of these specific tools (and more) which are essential to the development of your project. Following these sessions, you will then work with your group to devise a solution to your brief in communication with your Singaporean SME.

This placement will be delivered in a hybrid model using both in-person (Clayton location) and online workshops however can be delivered purely online if a student is unable to attend on-campus due to location challenges.

This project will see you:
  • Attending workshops and regular team meetings with your group and SME
  • Conducting self-directed work as required by your specific project under the guidance of MFI
  • Pitching your final product/ concept to a series of esteemed judges
  • Potential to submit your design to the World Packaging Organisation Student Awards
This program will empower you to be industry-ready by working on a real life industry problem as well as learning skills to aid your professional development.

What will I gain from this experience?
  • Develop your creative problem-solving skills with this unique and high profile opportunity to work with Monash Food Innovation, Australia's leader in food innovation – on a project endorsed by Enterprise Singapore.
  • Enhance your commercial awareness and gain deep insights into the ANZ food market, a market full of opportunities and room for innovation and creativity.
  • Gain expert advice and mentorship from leaders in the field with the opportunity to expand your professional networks.
  • This industry-based program is part of the WIL program, successful completion of which will provide you with 6 credit points towards your undergraduate degree.
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What is the application process?
If this internship interests you, please read below the application steps:
  • Simply click the "Apply" button to the right, fill in the application form and respond to the two screening questions outlined below:
    • What is your motivation to apply for this internship?
    • Please outline your 3 key strengths and how they relate to this opportunity
  • The Monash Talent team will review your application to assess for eligibility and suitability
  • If deemed suitable, you will be invited to attend a 1:1 Zoom interview where a member of the Monash Talent team will ask a series of behavioural based questions to further understand your suitability for the placement.
Please note, the last day to submit an application is Sunday 25th April!

Applications will be considered as soon as they're received. For best chances of consideration, don't wait until the deadline - apply now!

If you have any questions about your application or eligibility, please contact is directly at