Senior Associate/VP - Corporate Development (Data Centres)

Capital Executive Search

Renewable Energy Data Centre player will listed in H12021 and requires Associate/VP, Corporate Development.

  • Role Aligned with Equity Options
  • Green Data Centre operator
This company is a re IPO high growth data centre operator with global assets and expansion.  The energy source is exclusively renewable or excess grid electricity (ie it would have otherwise been lost).  The computational applications of the data centre servers include: Bitcoin Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Genomics & Research, Farming, Rendering & Visualization, Smart Cities (IoT), Oil & Gas Reservoir Simulation, Weather Forecasts.  With the significant and increasing amount of energy consumed from servers/data capability, this company presents perhaps one of the greenest global options within this part of the market. This company has in house data centre manufacturing and installation capability. 
This role will be working with the head of corporate development with the following responsibilities.
- Assisting with originating of renewable electricity sources at attractive rates globally.
- Assisting the negotiation of these contracts for electricity supply, and onsite co-location of data centre assets.
- Oversight of the investment case of new projects or enhancement of existing projects.
- Assisting the overall corporate financial model from time to time.
- Assisting the constant debt and equity raising including the presentations and road shows that accompany.
The candidates will be entrepreneurial and likely come from Corporate Finance/Investment Banking/Renewable Fund in renewable energy/traditional energy generation/infrastructure project finance (greenfield equity side only) with circa 4-10 yrs experience. The company will be looking to align the individual with meaningful equity options.