Data Researcher


Required experience/knowledge in an existing understanding of the workings of the higher education industry

MicroSourcing is looking for a Data Researcher for a midshift schedule (4PM to 1AM) for our Eastwood, Quezon City site.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Take on ongoing workload of data gathering, data entry and data validation work
  • Researching and data entry of university course admission statistics
  • Researching and data entry of course entry requirements and various other related data
  • Understanding the context of the data (e.g. undergraduate vs postgraduate, 2015 entry vs 2016 entry)
  • Liaising with our London team to make decisions about which data to be recorded, and how it should be recorded
  • Researching and writing up detailed documents which describe how the education system works in new geographies we haven’t yet entered
  • Researching and writing descriptions of universities and their locations (ie cities), with the goals of not infringing copyright, and using a consistent and neutral tone when describing each university

  • An extremely fast learner with pride, passion, and perfectionism in their work
  • Someone who is well organized and proactive, who will reach out to us early and often with any questions they might have
  • Has strong analytical skills, with the ability to collect, organize, and analyze information with keen attention to details and accuracy 
  • Have an existing understanding of the workings of the higher education industry
  • Fluent in English, both in oral and written manners
  • Has excellent interpersonal skills: Data researchers have to work with Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Programmers, Relationship Managers, and other professionals
  • Has organization and planning skills: must be able to set priorities to manage multiple assignments and project deliverables
  • Has computer / technical skills, who is familiar with Google Docs, Sheets, etc.