Content Writer


Content Creator for Clearly

  1. Documentation
  • Procedural format tailored to end-user comprehension for ease of use
  • Provide and keep up communication with larger team(s) in the form of quick announcements that link to larger procedure(s)
  • Create process flows showing Start to End for all Customer Service impacting processes
  • Create and maintain ad-hoc Customer outreach templates’
  • Superior English is a MUST HAVE and essential for the success of this role. (Written AND Verbal)
  1. Content Management
  • Own and continuously maintain all documented procedures annually to ensure relevance and accuracy or, keep them up-to-date based on any changes prior to the annual review
  • Ensure all communication channels are maintained and information is consistent across
  • Purge all old or irrelevant information
  1. Presentation
  • Easily able to attend meetings to scribe and understand information presented and in turn, create announcements, procedures/processes or process flows as an output
  • Present information to a wide range of audiences including front-line, Leadership and Executives
Tools: Confluence, Sharepoint, Visio, Moodle, Articulate, LucidChart and Workspace (Nice to have)

  • Over 3 years experience in a similar role.
  • Has experience working on knowledgebase, create templates, procedures, for business purposes.
  • Amenable to work on a night shift schedule
  • Has stable internet connection for the WFH setup