Chef - Charter - Relief - Motor - 27m - US

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Chef - Charter - US -Relief - Motor - 27m

Position: Chef - US citizen or Green card holder 
JOB ID: 987365
Yacht: 27m 
Location: Abacos
Start: December 21st - January 9th  - charter is from December 27 - January 7th.
Duration: Temporary Charter Chef
Itinerary:  South FL and Bahamas
Requirements:  US Citizen or green card holder and Culinary trained - Charter experience
Culinary trained or strong restaurant experience - apprenticeship
STCW + Refresher
Food safety/hygiene
Good longevity and references 
Yachting - Charter experience
Non Smoking 
Non Visible Tattoos 
Strong cooking background-   1+ years’ experience on charter yachts
Clean and organized galley habits
Able to prepare nicely presented meals for guests 
Cooking healthy meals for crew
Positive nice attitude, calm personality, team player, enjoys being active and healthy - willing to help where needed. 
  • Be a really good Chef and genuinely enjoy creating food that excites and makes guest and crew happy.
  • Be happy to prepare all kinds of food styles from different regions.  
  • Work within the limitation of a smaller galley, limited refrigeration, freezer and storage spaces consistent with a 27 meter yacht.
  • The candidate must understand the importance of the Chef/Stewardess relationship and be able to work as a team.
  • The Chef must be happy to communicate with the guests. Chat about menus, interact with guests and make them feel special.
  • The candidate must be punctual.  
  • The Chef must get it is all about what the guests wants to eat.  
  • The crew are your next most important constituents.  
Compensation package: Good in USD