Sole Stewardess / Crew cook- 40m- Motor- Private

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Sole Stew/Crew cook- 40m- Private

Position:  SOLE STEWARDESS / Cooking 5 days per week lunch/dinner for crew only
****Hires 2nd stew and chef for trips***** 
Yacht: 40m Motor- Private
Job ID: 
Location: South Florida
Start date: ASAP
Itinerary: S. Florida / Bahamas
  • STCW + refresher
  • ENG1 or current fit for duty marine medical (valid for 6 months)
  • Food safety and hygiene 
  • Barista and Cocktails/Mixology
  • Good level of service
  • Creative table settings
  • Good housekeeping and laundry experience
  • Physically fit, healthy life style preferred
  • Well spoken and clear communications
  • Leads by example
  • Motivator
  • Easy going personality 
VISA: B1/B2 visa, Schengen if needed. Valid passport.
Responsibilities: Full interior - Housekeeping, Service, Laundry.  Detailed, highly organized. Making creative cocktails. Providing a high quality service.

Job Specifics: Full interior  - The boat is for sale. It will mainly be a sole stew / crew cook position based in S. Florida for the winter with guest trips to the Bahamas. There are two guest trips end of December scheduled.  They hire a 2nd stewardess and a chef for guest trips. 
Salary range: Within yachting salary guidelines depending on experience
Package: Medical coverage, flights to and from the vessel, paid leave, etc. to be finalized during interview process.
Commercial Registered Yacht: Private