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Team- US- Estate

House Assistants - Team, Estate in Hamptons, New York 

Legal to work in USA (US citizen or Green card holder) 

Job ID: 1007732

6,000 SQ foot on 4 levels, Estates in Hamptons, New York 
The couple has 4 kids (adults), they usually visit them on the weekends. 
The job is year round or seasonal- March to September. Their is no travel needed with the position. Accommodation provided
Looking for a couple, handy and energetic, perfect for crew members as they want to go ashore- Chief/ Sole stewardess and Mate. 
Duties: 2 House Assistants- Housekeeping, cleaning, light cooking, serving
Gardening, pool/ outdoor maintenance, general maintenance, basic engineering skills 
Long working hours- in season 8 am - 10 pm 

Other: this is busy job, owners have a lot of guests, it is a new modern, home and always has a lot to be done 

Start: Soon, latest by March 2021