Chief Engineer-Y2-50-55m- Private/ Charter

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Permanent Chief Engineer- Y2- Dual season Private

Position:  Chief Engineer Y2 Private/light charter
Yacht:  50 - 55m Motor - Private 
Job ID: 984662
Location:   S. Florida
Start date: ASAP
Itinerary: Florida/Bahamas - Caribbean/Med
Licence Required: Y2 minimum 
Requirements: valid STCW78/95/10, ENG1 or current fit for duty marine medical (valid for 6 months) 
VISA: B1/B2 visa, Schengen if needed. Valid passport.
OTHER: Possible Shared Cabin,  Must excel in documentation, and communicating both verbally and via email. Good leadership skills. Hand on engineer. Trouble shoot, plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, General maintenance/ logging. Cleanliness 
Responsibilities: Full responsibility for engine room 
Other: Good personality, easy going, calm and pleasant. Possibly sharing a cabin. Could be team with stew masseuse only 
Salary range: Within yachting salary guidelines depending on experience - very good.
Package: NO Rotation, Full time position , Medical coverage, flights to and from the vessel, paid leave, etc. to be finalized during interview process.
Commercial Registered Yacht: YES - Fully MLC compliant