2nd Stew (with cooking skills for crew)- Motor - 35-40m - Private

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2nd Stew (with cooking skills for crew)- Motor - 35-40m - Private

2nd Stew - Motor - 35-40m - Private
Position:   2nd stewardess 75% of the time and cooking for the crew 25%. (Cooking for Crew when owners are not onboard 2-3 months a year), Otherwise you will be a 2nd Stewardess assisting with Housekeeping and Service, Also serve as relief for Chief Stew while on vacation.

Job ID: 1112004

Total crew of 6, Up to 10 guests

Female due to sharing cabin arrangements. 
Yacht: 35-40m Motor - Private 
Location: South Florida in Winter /North East in Summer
Start date: Mid April
Itinerary: Florida, New England 
Requirements: A good knowledge and desire to cook for the crew. Interior maintenance, service skills, handling lines, deck skills, watches.
Cooking qualifications:
Food safety/hygiene
STCW+ Refresher (as needed)
ENG1 or current fit for duty marine medical (valid for 6 months)
Passport (minimum 1 year).
US Passport or Green Card Only
Other Requirements:  Active, happy disposition. If you know how to cook this will be mainly for crew while owners are not onboard during transport and yard periods. When owners/guests are onboard you will serve as a 2nd Stewardess assisting with housekeeping and service.
Responsibilities: Will help another Chief Stewardess with interior duties. Service, housekeeping,  cooking/ assist with lines and fenders from time to time, watchkeeping, etc.
Salary range: Within yachting salary guidelines depending on experience.
Package: Medical coverage, flights to and from the vessel, paid leave, etc. to be finalized during interview process. This is a private yacht but will offer a nice insurance, time off package.