Engineer - Relief or possible Rotation - III/2 - 60m - Research

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Engineer - III/2 Commercial - Research vessel - Relief or Rotation

Position:  Relief or Rotational Engineer 

Vessel:  Exploration/Research Vessel. Around 60m.

Contract dates:  Relief or rotational contract will be discussed.
Health Benefits : Provided

Itinerary :  unknown

Description:  Relief Engineer is responsible for operation and maintenance of the engine room. All paper work (ISM), Management of ER.

Requirements: Commercial engineer with yacht experience preferred.

Spanish speaking+

License Required: Commercial   STCW reg.  Commercial   III/2 CE preferred also MAY consider: STCW reg. III/2 2nd Engineer Unlimited license commercial.

No restrictions on coastal waters or just yachts, kW greater than 2700, over 1500gt.   
STCW, Security Awareness Duties, Current Marine Medical/ENG1, B1/B2 visa, valid passport. PSCRB.
MUST be able to pass an extensive background check.  
Important Please note: MCA "Yacht only" licensing is not accepted. This is a commercially registered vessel  not registered as a yacht.

Other: Personality assessment and thorough background investigation  required. Random drug testing. There will be several interviews via telephone.

Shared cabin
Salary: USD, within yacht salary guidelines.
All round trip flights to and from the vessel will be provided.
This is a non-smoking environment. Dry boat when on anchor and moving.