3rd stewardess- 60 m- Motor - busy private

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3rd Stewardess - 60m - Motor - BUSY private

Position: 3rd Stewardess - Very busy private.

Great Crew!!
Job: 630276
Yacht:   60 m Motor Yacht
Location :  Florida

Start date : late February

License: none  Minimum 6 months to 1 year + experience on yachts.

Requirements: valid STCW10 and Marine Medical fit for duty (ENG1).
Food safety/hygiene.

B1 visa and Schengen if needed for Caribbean and Europe.
Experience with service, housekeeping, laundry,  mixology, guest services

Job Specifics: Stewardess duties, laundry, housekeeping, service (rotation of duties). Hospitality. Runs with Chief, 2nd, 3rd and 4th stew/masseuse.

Preferences: Well spoken, fast doing, fast thinking, real attention to details, committed to work, yacht as a career, educated, smiling, positive, willing to learn, willing to constantly improve
Prefers: non drinking, no visible tattoos. 

Itinerary : Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean, ship yard (Europe)

Salary range: In alignment with MLC2006 salaries guideline. Very good.

CANDIDATES LOCATED IN USA / Ft. Lauderdale area needed.