Prospective Candidates of Interest

Kirby Group Engineering

Potential Candidates of Interest

Candidates of Interest
This job is to be used to upload cv's of candidates whom you believe are a good fit for Kirby Group Engineering, only in the event of you not seeing a live/suitable role.

  • Submissions to be this role must be suitable for Kirby Group Engineering.
  • Submission of candidates who haven't been GDPR cleared will result in removal of this role from your agency portal.
  • This role is not for graduates, it is only for experienced M&E/Building Services professionals.
  • Submissions here must include the following;
    • Salary/Rate Expectations
    • Locations candidate is open to discussing
    • Role preferences from candidate (Roles they are/are not open to discussing)
    • Notice Period
    • Name of Consultant submitting along with reasoning you deem this candidate suitable for Kirby Group, limited to 4/5 bullet points.
    • Your own Name