Business Development Representative


Our client makes the sales process measurable by capturing all customer interactions automatically.

The client:
There is so much time wasted in the day of a sales rep. Our client's technology takes away the need to manually update your CRM – the software automatically updates your CRM through the software, so you can focus on selling. It integrates across all platforms, Clari / Salesloft /outreach.

The difference between an average and a top performing sales team is the time the sales reps spend talking with their customers.

The best teams spend 3 times more time talking with customers, while average teams spend significantly more time on research and reporting tasks.

Our client automates these tedious tasks so any team can become a top performing sales team.


-You will play a key role in building the sales organization.
-You will be responsible for developing and proving the first playbook.
-Ready to start hands-on and move into a leading position as soon as the playbook is working.

-Grow UK market share aiming at businesses with 5 – 60 salespeople
-Report directly to the CEO
-Work with the CEO to support acquisition of new accounts
-Follow up on inbound marketing generated leads and identify qualified opportunities
-Responsible for nurturing, educating and developing prospects before handing over to sales team
-Build outbound prospect programme and implement it effectively
-Strategic market planning
-Schedule meetings post qualification with sales team

Type of person required:
-You are a top performer
-You’re excited about changing a $37 Bn industry
-You like the challenge of a highly competitive space
-You have experience with lead gen as well as closing deals
-You continuously adapt based on customer feedback
-You are comfortable using multiple channels
-You are systematic and data-driven
-You know how to sell SaaS (Software as a Service)
-You are ready to grow fast and reach for the stars