Insights Squad Engineering Lead

Hayward Hawk Recruitment

HAYWARD HAWK are pleased to be recruiting for a Insights Squad Engineering Lead for a rapidly growing technology company based in Belfast.

Job description
Insights Squad Engineering Lead
HAYWARD HAWK are pleased to be recruiting for a Insights Squad Engineering Lead for a rapidly growing technology company based in Belfast. This role is a combination of being a leader, architect and coder. As a leader you will ensure delivery by listening and collaborating with the Squad, removing obstacles that inhibit delivery and ensuring the appropriate technical decisions are made; as an architect you will be designing the framework to support the School Insights product; and as a coder we expect our leads to be hands-on and enjoy coding.
With good interpersonal skills, you will have the ability to build constructive relationships and influence, including relationships with Product Managers, QA Engineers; and the Developers that report to you

The Squad Engineering Lead is jointly accountable for achieving the squad’s objectives and delivering to their roadmap, alongside the Product Manager. While the Product Manager is ultimately responsible for what the squad is looking to build, the Squad Engineering Lead is responsible for how it is built - including the quality, scalability, security and robustness of the solution. Together they are jointly responsible for setting expectations and then delivering in line with those expectations.
Collaborating with other developers you will focus on building web services and APIs, spending the vast majority of your time working on new features in C# and will write unit and integration tests for all the features that you work on.
Ideal person
First and foremost, you should be a Leader who has a competent understanding of not just the features you work on, but how they fit in with the whole system. We expect you to come on board ready to write clean code with good automated testing standards.
We’re looking for Squad Engineering Leads who are truly passionate about software design, performance and best practices. You’ll have:
  • 4+ years of commercial experience in C# software development in solutions for MVC web applications and Web API in the Microsoft-stack.
  • Developed code that runs within a cloud environment; including an understanding AWS services (e.g. regions, availability zones, ec2, s3, cloud formation, cloud watch, RDS).
  • Deep understanding of REST services, SOLID and OO-A/D/P.
  • Experience with communication using APIs and messaging
  • Experience of SQL server and ORM systems (e.g. Lync to SQL, etc)
  • Experience working in automated code integration practices, including CI/CD pipelines (e.g. Jenkins, TeamCity, Octopus deploy etc.).
  • 1+ year of experience in performing one-to-one reviews for developers.
  • The motivation or experience in leading team(s) spread across multiple locations.
  • Experience of identifying the correct hiring opportunities and arranging and performing the interviews.
  • Listening to and collaborating with Developers, providing real-time feedback and making intentions transparent to enable your decision making.
  • Work with the Squad to accurately size road map items and cost them for prioritisation and expectation setting.
  • Providing team leadership guidance within the production of code to ensure deadlines are hit.
  • Collaborating with the Head of Technology to understand the technical vision.
  • You have excellent communication skills and ability to articulate complex and technical concepts to non-technical audiences.
For further information on this vacancy, or any other Technology roles in Belfast, Dublin or London, please apply via the link below or contact Jane Donnelly in the strictest confidence on 02895 902688.