Quality Assurance Control Manager

Ajyal HR Solutions

One of our clients in the FMCG industry is hiring for the position of a Quality Assurance Control Manager.

Primary Function:
The main purpose of this position is to ensure that products in the plant & during the shelf-life period are safe for consumption by end users and within the quality specification. It involves designing, implementing, and overseeing the maintenance of the quality systems analysis of physical, chemical & microbiological so that manufactured products meet specifications of HACCP/ISO/HSE certifications and comply with Oman and GSO standards and regulations. The role is in two parts - Quality Assurance focusing on processes - using statistical tools for measuring and controlling deviations to create stable processes, and Quality Control involving quality testing of products through physical, chemical, and microbiological analysis to identify defective products, ensuring that only safe & sound products are approved for shipment to consumers.
  • Plan quality assurance by applying GMP and GHP in poultry industry.
  • Define points of quality interventions within processes and statistical tools and concepts like lean management, kaizen, 5S, six sigma, RACI matrix and other quality tools to be used for analysis.
  • Create quality testing and control plan including criteria for sample selection, tools/equipment to be used/deployed and tolerance limit for deviations from mean.
  • Develop policies and procedures as needed and provide training to employees
  • Analyse plant operations to take advantage of new processes/tools/technologies/equipment material and devises methods to assess cost and responsibility
  • Know and understand international and local food industry standards and regulations and company policies as applicable to operations of poultry plant facility ( SSOPs, HACCP, ISO , GSO )
  • Act as key member for the HACCP program, facilitate committee meetings, and review HACCP prescribed documentation periodically.
  • Design and supervise GMP and GHP to ensure that CIP/SIP are carried out properly and as scheduled
  • Understand and ensure meeting the obligations of health, safety and environment requirements of employment legislation.
  • Identify and contain/minimize product related health hazards reported by the consumer(s).
  • Suggest and implement changes in working conditions and use of equipment to increase safety and efficiency of shop, department, or work crew.
  • Maintain an event register for defective products identified through internal controls, and customer complaints resulting in recall of defective products
  • Set research and Development scope and plan for implementation.
  • Ensure continuous Improvement and consider all R&D, food safety, quality tools and HSE.
  • Developing new products /process / tools/ technologies / equipment that become available to create robust sustainable process capable of producing quality product at minimum cost.
  • Implement IMS and ensure availability of related documentation and requirements
  • Manage and ensure availability of facilities and materials of all kind of cleaning , sanitation , hygiene and lab analysis.
  • Ensure competency level of all QA/QC team.
  • Lead the investigation in any major accident, NCR or complaint to ensure corrections and prevention action are taken in place.
  • Produce end of month QA/QC report to top management.
  • Any other duties, as assigned
Academic Qualification:
  • Master or degree in food science, Poultry, or equivalent
  • Certificate in Quality, HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000.
  • Overall experience of 12 years or more with 8 years of hands-on experience in food industry.
Key Skills:
  • Ability to work in pressure.
  • Displays a high level of effort and commitment to performing work
  • Excel and Word proficient.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Good problem-solving skills.
  • Good command of English / Arabic Language and good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Intimate knowledge of Government and local food industry regulations and company policies as applicable to operations of poultry processing plant facility.
  • Excellent command over statistical tools used for measuring processes/statistical analysis