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People and Their Brilliance



Thank you for your interest in this Kickstart Role.

We are ‘People and Their Brilliance’ and we will be guiding you through the application process.

We know how exhausting it can be to apply for jobs and how soul destroying it can be to get rejections and not know why. We are here to change all that.
Our recruitment process is quite unique; so much so it was shortlisted for a European Recruiting Innovation Award and was even talked about at the Davos World Economic Forum, where it was named ‘unRecruitment’.

The recruitment process we use is designed to be positive, engaging and to enable you to learn a lot about yourself. What’s more you get to decide how far through it you want to go. Above all, our intention is that the experience leaves you in a stronger place than where you started and that it empowers you to make the most of yourself in your future life.

How it works:
Everyone who expresses interest in the role is invited to the first stage. No preparation is necessary, just bring curiosity, an open mind and a positive attitude.
It is structured as an online group workshop, during which you will explore with your peers what makes someone brilliant in a role and why. You will also reflect on your strengths, what’s important to you and your brilliance.

After completing this stage, you decide whether you would like to come back for the second stage. Between the first stage and second stage you will get a chance to apply your learning and report back on what you have discovered. You will also get support in understanding how to talk about what you have to offer and to work out how it fits with what is needed by an employer.

After the second stage you can decide whether to be put forward for the employer you expressed interest in. You then put together a short summary of your motivation for the role and how think you are a good fit for it.

We really look forward to meeting you and hope we can be part of your future career success.

If you are ready to start your unRecruitment journey, please click Apply Now (please note that you DO NOT have you upload a CV/Resume or Cover Letter unless you would like to, you can submit without these attached).

Best wishes,

Darius Norell
People and Their Brilliance