Senior EC&I Engineer

Talent Advance

EC&I discipline engineer required for detail engineering & design of all EC&I aspects on petrochem & mining projects. 10+ years experience required

  • 10+ years EC&I Engineering, design, projects, field installation & commissioning
  • B Tech or B Eng degree essential
  • Previous petrochem & mining experience required
EC&I Engineer
Company Overview:
Leading process focused engineering firm which contributes to engineering projects at any stage of development – from conceptualization throughout the life of the project, all the way up to implementation and production.  Medium-sized enterprise which services the chemical, metallurgical and petrochemical process industries in terms of EPC / turnkey projects in chemical equipment, process systems and manufacturing for mining and minerals. 
The company was founded in 2009 and has around 50 employees.  With their dynamic, growth driven outlook the company is expanding continuously and have secured a number of substantial projects for the next 2+ years. 
Purpose of the Job:
The Electrical, Control & Instrumentation (EC&I) discipline engineer will be responsible for detail engineering and design of all EC&I aspects on projects.
Expected Outputs:
Work closely with Lead EC&I Engineer on all the below tasks:
Instrumentation Engineering:
  • Instrumentation design criteria
  • Data sheets for instruments
  • Instrument lists
  • Hook up diagrams
  • IO Lists
  • Range, Alarm & Trip (RAT) list
  • Trip matrix
  • SIL trip matrix
  • Cable block diagrams
  • Cable schedules
  • PLC Panel design
  • RIO Panel design
  • Junction box design
  • Network topologies
  • Loop diagrams
  • Detailed wiring and connection diagrams
  • Control system design supervision
  • Software development supervision and contract management
  • Bill of quantities
Electrical Engineering:
  • Motor lists
  • Cable list
  • Single line diagrams
  • Schematic diagrams
  • MCC design
  • Lighting and small power design
  • Connection diagrams
  • Earthing design
  • General arrangements
  • BOQs
C2: Power on Checks:
EC&I power on completion which includes:
  • Motor starter functionality checks
  • Motor starter communication setup
  • Motor direction test
  • MCC/PLC Interfacing checks
  • PLC power up checks
  • Instruments calibration
  • Digital signals loop checks
  • Analog signals loop checks
  • Air operated valve functionality checks
  • Communication network setup
C3: Cold Commissioning:
EC&I cold commissioning which includes:
  • Start-up sequence testing
  • Stop sequence testing
  • Emergency stop sequence
  • Process interlocks testing
  • Safety interlock testing
  • Electrical starter parameters testing
C4: Hot Commissioning:
EC&I cold commissioning which includes:
  • Start-up sequence testing
  • Stop sequence testing
  • Emergency stop sequence
  • Process interlocks testing
  • Safety interlock testing
  • Electrical starter parameters testing
  • System optimisation
  • Attending internal and external meetings when required
  • Comply with all client requirements and specifications stipulated in the signed off scope of work per project regarding discipline engineering specifically electrical control and instrumentation
  • Build and maintain a relationship with all divisions to create a conducive working environment on an ongoing basis within key deadlines.
  • Liaise with External Clients to ensure end user satisfaction on an ongoing basis within key deadlines.
  • Build and maintain long-term relationships with Service Providers to ensure improved quality of service to meet company objectives on an ongoing basis. Manage contractors on site.
  • Schedule and attend all HAZOP (A hazard and operability study) and RAMBO (Reliability, Accessibility, Maintainability, buildability, operability) meetings with suppliers on an ongoing basis throughout the project duration as per project schedule.
Learning & Innovation:
  • Attend earmarked internal and external training courses within the agreed timeframe.
  • Improve efficiency through innovative recommendations as agreed to within specified timeframe and reduce time spent on site.
  • Keep up to date on all software and systems, company procedures, policies
  • Recommend and implement controls and procedures
  • Complete Project Close-Out which includes assuring delivery of all equipment is complete, preparation, review and sign-off of client hand-over pack and documented lessons learnt per project as per project managers instructions per timeline given/ project schedule.
  • Source specialised equipment that complies with client specifications and process requirements as per the datasheet by interacting with vendors as per project schedule.
  • Comply with all company and project cost control guidelines and procedures set out in training and all company policy, procedures, emailed and manager instructions this includes, all purchasing, expense claims etc.
Out of Scope Tasks:
  • Ad-hoc tasks issued by Lead EC&I Engineer or other managers, verbally, in meeting or in writing/via email
  • Assist with special projects when requested
  • Be able to perform non-electrical related administrative tasks
Minimum Requirements:
  • B Tech / B Eng essential (Electronics, Electrical or similar)
  • ECSA Membership desirable
  • Previous experience in the petrochem & mining industries are essential
Experience Required:
Experience                                         Time Span
EC&I Engineering                              10 Years
EC&I Design                                     10 Years
EC&I Project engineering                   5 Years
EC&I Field installation experience       10 Years
EC&I Cold commissioning                  10 Years
EC&I Hot commissioning                   10 Years
Job Related Knowledge Required:
  • Engineering and/or Project Environment
  • Understanding the company’s business processes
  • Best Practice in installation and wiring of Low Voltage components and instruments
  • Low Voltage reticulation
  • Lock out procedures
  • SIL requirements
  • IS certifications
  • SANS Specifications
  • IEC Regulations
Market related depending on experience
Preferred age:
30-39 years seeing that the role requires field work and physically demanding work at times.

Type of Role:

Tunney (Germiston) - behind Meadowdale, Edenvale